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Chapter 1

• Stephanie learns that her cousin has hired her worst enemy to work for him, and when she confronts him, she learns that he is unwilling to rectify the situation.

• Vinnie instead hands her a case to distract her and get her out of his hair for the apprehension of a woman who failed to appear at her hearing, Maxine Norwicki.

• Stephanie's first move is to gain info from the boyfriend that Maxine stole the car off of (the reason for her being arrested).

• Eddie Kuntz, the boyfriend has no idea where she went, so Stephanie goes to the diner, the Silver Dollar, where Maxine worked and learns the name of Maxine's closest friend, a waitress who's away sick.

• Stephanie then goes to Maxine's apartment, and sweet talks the downstairs neighbor into letting her in.

• The neighbor explains that Maxine told everyone she was leaving on vacation, which...

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