Four Plays Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. Who is seated on stage at the opening of The Bald Soprano?

The Smiths.

2. Who is darning socks in the opening scene of The Bald Soprano?

Mrs. Smith.

3. How many strokes does the "English clock" strike at the beginning of The Bald Soprano?


4. What time does Mrs. Smith say it is when she first speaks to her husband in The Bald Soprano?

Nine o'clock.

5. What have the Smith's had for dinner in the beginning of The Bald Soprano?

Fish and chips.

6. What do the Smith's discuss about dinner in The Bald Soprano?

The potatoes.

7. What did the Smiths' son want to drink at dinner?


8. Who is "a good manager, thrifty, plays the piano," in The Bald Soprano?


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