Objects & Places from Four Plays

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The Smith's Living Room

A very English living room.

The Doorbell

This object goes off even when no one is there.

The Clock

This object symbolizes the futility and emptiness of humanity's perception of time.

The Professor's Apartment

This is the setting for the action of the second play and doubles as his place of work.

The Professor's Knife

The professor uses this object to end the bodily life of the Pupil.


In stage directions at the beginning of the third play, the author suggests that all the characters other than Jack might use these.

Jack's Room

The action of the third play takes place here.

Roberta's Noses and Fingers

These extra human qualities are further representations of absurdist philosophy, the idea that no human being is, or should be, what he or she is expected to be.

Roberta's Veil

This is worn by the protagonist's fiancee...

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