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The Bald Soprano

• Stage directions describe everything as "English"--the setting, the characters, their actions, clothes and furniture.

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith, an English couple, sit by their English fire and discuss their English food, their English children, and their English friend Bobby Watson.

• Mary the English maid enters and announces the (very late) arrival of the Smiths' guests, Mr. and Mrs. Martin.
• As Mr. and Mrs. Smith go out, Mary shows in Mr. and Mrs. Martin, and then leaves.

• Mr. and Mrs. Martin speak as though they are strangers to each other.

• Over the course of conversation, they suddenly realize they are husband and wife reunited after a long separation, and fall asleep in each other's arms.
• Mary returns, telling the audience the Martins are not, in fact, married to each other.

• She wonders aloud where the real Mr. and Mrs. Martin are, but then asks "Who...

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