Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story Short Essay - Answer Key

Lila Perl
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1. Why was life in the Sternlager section of Bergen-Belsen considered better than life in the other sections?

Life in Sternlager was considered better because the prisoners had freedoms that other prisoners didn't have. The men and women were allowed to visit with each other for a few minute each day. The prisoners were also allowed to wear their own clothing instead of the striped prison uniforms.

2. Why were prisoners required to wear the star of David?

Prisoners were required to wear the yellow star of David on the chest of their clothes to identify themselves as Jews. If they didn't wear the star they would be punished. All Jews in Germany, not just the ones imprisoned, were forced to wear the star.

3. What was day to day life at Bergen-Belsen like?

Daily life at Bergen-Belsen was very hard. The prisoners were awakened very early each day for bunk inspections and roll call. They were served very small meals and then expected to work 10-12 hour shifts. There was no time for relaxation or play.

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