Daily Lessons for Teaching Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story

Lila Perl
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Four Perfect Pebbles)


Chapter 1, Four Perfect Pebbles

"Four Perfect Pebbles" took place mainly in Germany. Like a novel or other fictional piece of literature, nonfiction also has a setting. However in nonfiction, the author is writing about a real place. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the setting of the book.


1) Class Discussion: When did the events in "Four Perfect Pebbles" take place? Where did Marion grow up? Where did Marion spend much of her childhood? Where did Marion spend her teen years? What was the climate like in Germany?

2) Partner Discussion: Where is Germany located? What type of country is it? What type of government did Germany have in 1938? What type of government does it have today? What world events were occurring in Germany during the time of the book?

3) Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph or two about what Germany was like in 1938, where the...

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