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Short Answer Questions

1. With what type of person is Solness prone to having relationships?

2. Who arrives with news of Lovborg's attempted suicide?

3. What was Hedda's father's career?

4. What children did Solness and Aline have?

5. Who does Ragnar want to marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hedda initially react to the news of Lovborg's suicide?

2. How does Hedda convince Lovborg to go to the party?

3. Why does Hedda burn the manuscript?

4. What does Solness decide to do in honor of the new house?

5. What are the factors that, combined, mean such despair for Hedda that she must end her life?

6. Describe Solness' relationship with Kaja?

7. How did Solness and Aline's children die?

8. How does Hedda end up with Lovborg's manuscript?

9. How does Lovborg take his leave of Mrs. Elvsted?

10. Why is Ejlert unable to return Mrs. Elvsted's love sufficiently?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the climax and the secondary climax of HEDDA GABLER. In which acts do these events occur? How does the secondary climax lead to the ultimate resolution in the play? What other events lead up to the play's final, climactic moment?

Essay Topic 2

Choose two of the four works in the collection. How does morality shape the events of the play? Are there immoral characters that learn morality, and vice versa? Is Ibsen making a statement about morality, and if so, what does he wish to convey? Is the moral choice usually the socially acceptable choice in the works? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Consider two of the four plays in the collection. How are the main characters similar? How are they different? What are the goals of the character and how do they attempt to achieve them? Are there common themes in both works? Which of the plays was written first? Are there marked differences in the thematic and plot elements used? Be sure to include properly cited quotations to enhance the argument.

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