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Short Answer Questions

1. What item of her costume does Nora show Dr. Rank?

2. Why has Dr. Rank allowed himself such a merry evening?

3. What does Kristine propose between she and Krogstad?

4. What costumes does Dr. Rank suggest for himself and Nora at the next party?

5. What favor does Krogstad ask of Nora?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Solness' new vow?

2. What did Johanna tell Engstrand about her "situation"?

3. What does Hedda admit she wants control of?

4. How does Krogstad attempt to blackmail Nora?

5. What does Nora outwardly hope for at the end of Act 2, and what does she inwardly fear?

6. What deed does Oswald ask his mother to do for him, should circumstances necessitate?

7. How does Hedda convince Lovborg to go to the party?

8. Ultimately, why does Solness finally grant Ragnar's request?

9. What is ironic about Pastor Manders accidentally burning down the orphanage?

10. How will Dr. Rank notify Nora that he is in the final stage of his illness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Nora's transformation throughout A DOLL'S HOUSE. Where does she first start to change? What is the final straw in her awakening? How does Torvald bring about his own fate? Has Nora learned anything about morality throughout the play? How does she use her newfound knowledge? Does her learned morality play a part in her decision to leave?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Solness's fear of youth in THE MASTER BUILDER. Why does he refuse at first to give Ragnar any words of praise? Why is he so intrigued when Hilde abruptly enters his life? How has Solness treated Brovik, his original master? What is ironic about Solness' death?

Essay Topic 3

Examine Pastor Manders of GHOSTS. Though he is the spiritual figurehead of the community, is he in denial of his true nature? Can any conclusions be drawn in his behavior toward Mrs. Alving? Toward Regine? When he finds out that Engstrand lied to him, how does he react? Why does he agree to finance Engstrand's sailor's home? What is his main concern?

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