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Short Answer Questions

1. What critical past moment of Mrs. Alving's life does the Pastor share?

2. What is Torvald concerned about saving from their relationship?

3. What happens to the orphanage at the end of Act 2?

4. Who took care of Nora as a child?

5. Why is the Pastor hesitant about getting the orphanage insured?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hilde impulsively decide to leave?

2. Why is Solness afraid of youth?

3. What imminent threat does Tesman face now that Lovborg has a successful book?

4. When is the first instance that Mrs. Alving sees "ghosts"?

5. What does Ragnar ask of Solness, since his father is close to death?

6. What deed does Oswald ask his mother to do for him, should circumstances necessitate?

7. What is the only way Torvald could possibly accept Krogstad again?

8. What does Engstrand want Regine to do at the beginning of the act?

9. What has Torvald refused to sacrifice for Nora?

10. Why does Torvald think Nora is putting in a good word for Krogstad?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Examine Pastor Manders of GHOSTS. Though he is the spiritual figurehead of the community, is he in denial of his true nature? Can any conclusions be drawn in his behavior toward Mrs. Alving? Toward Regine? When he finds out that Engstrand lied to him, how does he react? Why does he agree to finance Engstrand's sailor's home? What is his main concern?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the relationship between Nora and Torvald and Mrs. Linde and Krogstad in A DOLL'S HOUSE. Which couple experiences the miracle that Nora has so hoped for? How does Torvald's behavior contribute to Nora's ultimate decision to leave him?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the role of personal will in THE MASTER BUILDER. Which characters believe they can will events into existence? How have these wills affected their lives/pasts/presents? In a way, could Solness's death be a punishment from God for trying to control his own destiny?

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