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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Engstrand related to Regine?

2. Why did Engstrand claim Regine as his own child?

3. What does Krogstad want from Torvald?

4. What name has Oswald given himself?

5. What dance does Nora learn in Capri?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hilde impulsively decide to leave?

2. What is the only way Torvald could possibly accept Krogstad again?

3. What is Ragnar's ambition?

4. Why doesn't the Pastor want Mrs. Alving to insure the orphanage?

5. Why did Mrs. Alving keep Captain Alving's life of debauchery a secret?

6. To whom does Nora feel her duty is owed?

7. Why does Hedda refrain from visiting Aunt Rina?

8. How fearful is Solness of the wrath of God?

9. What is Solness' new vow?

10. What does Mrs. Elvsted confess to Hedda?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the use of subtext in HEDDA GABLER. Does this differ from the other plays in the collection? Why or why not? What events or situations in Hedda Gabler are not stated, simply implied? How does this use of subtext contribute to the overall effect of the play from start to finish?

Essay Topic 2

Examine Pastor Manders of GHOSTS. Though he is the spiritual figurehead of the community, is he in denial of his true nature? Can any conclusions be drawn in his behavior toward Mrs. Alving? Toward Regine? When he finds out that Engstrand lied to him, how does he react? Why does he agree to finance Engstrand's sailor's home? What is his main concern?

Essay Topic 3

In GHOSTS, Oswald and Mrs. Alving cannot escape Captain Alving's sins. Has Mrs. Alving contributed to their problems by not being truthful with Oswald, Pastor Manders, Regine, or the community? Are the characters ultimately able to escape their pasts? How is this theme echoed in some of the other works in the collection?

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