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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, probably, actually is the woman who inspired Lovborg's book?
(a) Mrs. Elvsted.
(b) Aunt Julle.
(c) The red-haired singer.
(d) Hedda.

2. What prized possession was passed to Hedda from her father?
(a) His pistols.
(b) His money clip.
(c) His saber.
(d) His fountain pen.

3. With what type of person is Solness prone to having relationships?
(a) He is prone to relationships with very poor women.
(b) He is prone to relationships with younger women.
(c) He is prone to relationships with older women.
(d) He is prone to relationships with very intelligent women.

4. What does Mr. Brack suggest to Hedda?
(a) He suggests she shoot Tesman.
(b) He suggests she divorce Tesman and marry him.
(c) He suggests she repaint the house.
(d) He suggests they begin a triangular relationship.

5. What excuse does Hedda give about her former relationship with Lovborg?
(a) She claims she was a sheltered young girl curious about the world.
(b) She claims her father meant for them to be together.
(c) She claims her love for Ejlert could not be contained.
(d) She claims he took complete and unsolicited advantage of her.

6. Who does Ragnar want to marry?
(a) Kaja.
(b) Aline.
(c) Hedda.
(d) Hilde.

7. What does Solness hope will help repair the relationship between him and Aline?
(a) The new house.
(b) His gift of jewelry.
(c) Hilde.
(d) The children.

8. How does Hedda die?
(a) She dies by jumping off a cliff.
(b) She dies of a self-inflicted shot to the temple.
(c) She dies of a carriage accident.
(d) She dies of a heart attack.

9. Why does Hedda tell Tesman she burned the manuscript?
(a) She tells him she burned it because Mrs. Elvsted insisted.
(b) She tells him she burned it because she hates Lovborg.
(c) She tells him she burned it to ensure his job at the university.
(d) She tells him she burned it because she got cold.

10. Which of the assistants was once the Master Builder?
(a) Kaja.
(b) Ragnar.
(c) Solness.
(d) Brovik.

11. Which of the assistants has ambition of becoming a builder?
(a) Kaja.
(b) Aline.
(c) Ragnar.
(d) Brovik.

12. What is Hilde's main memory of Solness?
(a) She remembers him climbing the tower.
(b) She remembers him dancing at a party.
(c) She remembers him hammering the wall.
(d) She remembers him singing.

13. What does Ragnar request of Solness just before Brovik's death?
(a) He requests a partnership in the company.
(b) He requests money to build his father a coffin.
(c) He requests a kind word about his drawings to share with his father.
(d) He requests the honor of constructing Solness's tower.

14. What does Hedda finally do with the manuscript?
(a) She burns it in the fireplace.
(b) She gives it back to Tesman.
(c) She claims it as her own and publishes it.
(d) She gives it back to Lovborg.

15. By the end of Act 4, what has Hedda lost?
(a) She has lost her hat.
(b) She has lost her parasol.
(c) She has lost her one true love.
(d) She has lost her freedom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Tesman rescued for Lovborg?

2. Where is Mr. Lovborg invited upon his arrival to the Tesmans'?

3. What is Lovborg's new book about?

4. What destroyed Solness and Aline's original home?

5. How did Lovborg really die?

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