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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hedda describe her vacation?
(a) She was completely exhausted by the trip.
(b) She thought it was so exciting.
(c) She thought it was horribly tedious.
(d) She thought it was the most interesting experience.

2. What papers is Solness flipping through?
(a) He is looking at bills.
(b) He is looking at Ragnar's drawings.
(c) He is looking at old photographs.
(d) He is looking at letters from Aline.

3. Which of the Master Builder's assistants is in love with him?
(a) Hilde.
(b) Kaja.
(c) Brovik.
(d) Ragnar.

4. Whom does Hedda "playfully" shoot at?
(a) Mrs. Elvsted.
(b) Mr. Brack.
(c) Tesman.
(d) Ejlert Lovborg.

5. What is Hilde's main memory of Solness?
(a) She remembers him climbing the tower.
(b) She remembers him hammering the wall.
(c) She remembers him dancing at a party.
(d) She remembers him singing.

6. Who does Tesman think is the woman who inspired Lovborg's book?
(a) The red-haired singer.
(b) Hedda.
(c) Mrs. Elvsted.
(d) Aunt Julle.

7. What does Solness plan to hang from the tower of his new home?
(a) A curtain.
(b) A sign.
(c) A wreath.
(d) A flag.

8. What has Tesman rescued for Lovborg?
(a) He has rescued his wine glass.
(b) He has rescued his wife.
(c) He has rescued his wallet.
(d) He has rescued the manuscript.

9. Who assisted Ejlert Lovborg with his project?
(a) Tesman.
(b) Hedda Gabler.
(c) Mrs. Elvsted.
(d) Berte.

10. How is Hedda described in the stage directions?
(a) An aristocratic figure with steel-gray eyes.
(b) A rough person of swarthy complexion.
(c) A fading beauty of advancing years.
(d) A frivolous blond with mounds of curls.

11. Who, probably, actually is the woman who inspired Lovborg's book?
(a) Hedda.
(b) The red-haired singer.
(c) Mrs. Elvsted.
(d) Aunt Julle.

12. What object did Aunt Julle purchase to impress Hedda?
(a) She purchased a new hat.
(b) She purchased new shoes.
(c) She purchased an expensive shawl.
(d) She purchased a parasol.

13. How does Solness suspect he may be controlling his own life?
(a) He suspects he may be obsessive-compulsive.
(b) He suspects he may be spending all his money.
(c) He suspects he may be willing things to happen.
(d) He suspects God is angry with him.

14. What month of the year is it upon Hedda and Jorgen's return?
(a) It is April.
(b) It is June.
(c) It is January.
(d) It is September.

15. Who does Ragnar want to marry?
(a) Hilde.
(b) Kaja.
(c) Hedda.
(d) Aline.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Solness hope will help repair the relationship between him and Aline?

2. Why is Aline worried about his declaration?

3. What does Ragnar request of Solness just before Brovik's death?

4. With what has Ejlert Lovborg recently had success?

5. What faux pas does Hedda commit against Mrs. Elvsted.

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