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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hedda die?
(a) She dies by jumping off a cliff.
(b) She dies of a carriage accident.
(c) She dies of a self-inflicted shot to the temple.
(d) She dies of a heart attack.

2. What faux pas does Hedda commit against Mrs. Elvsted.
(a) She does not offer her something to drink.
(b) She does not ask about the children.
(c) She calls her by the wrong name.
(d) She forgets to invite her to sit.

3. What papers is Solness flipping through?
(a) He is looking at letters from Aline.
(b) He is looking at Ragnar's drawings.
(c) He is looking at bills.
(d) He is looking at old photographs.

4. Who does Tesman think is the woman who inspired Lovborg's book?
(a) Mrs. Elvsted.
(b) Hedda.
(c) Aunt Julle.
(d) The red-haired singer.

5. What does Solness plan to hang from the tower of his new home?
(a) A flag.
(b) A curtain.
(c) A wreath.
(d) A sign.

6. What prized possession was passed to Hedda from her father?
(a) His fountain pen.
(b) His pistols.
(c) His money clip.
(d) His saber.

7. What gift does Hedda give Mr. Lovborg?
(a) An embroidery.
(b) A pistol.
(c) A photograph.
(d) His manuscript.

8. To what does Mrs. Elvsted compare the manuscript?
(a) She compares it to a guitar.
(b) She compares it to a horse.
(c) She compares it to a meal.
(d) She compares it to a child.

9. What news does Tesman's note bring?
(a) His Aunt Julle is coming to visit.
(b) His friend Mr. Brack has been killed.
(c) He has been granted the university job.
(d) His Aunt Rina is close to death.

10. How is Hedda described in the stage directions?
(a) A frivolous blond with mounds of curls.
(b) A fading beauty of advancing years.
(c) A rough person of swarthy complexion.
(d) An aristocratic figure with steel-gray eyes.

11. Why did Hedda marry Tesman?
(a) She found him pathetically eager to support her while no one else was.
(b) She had an illicit relationship with him and became pregnant.
(c) She was desperately in love with him and he with her.
(d) She was betrothed to him as a small child.

12. Why does Lovborg say that Mrs. Elvsted is a good companion?
(a) She has the courage to act.
(b) She is extremely intelligent and thoughtful.
(c) She is beautiful to look at.
(d) She has a lovely singing voice.

13. What has Tesman rescued for Lovborg?
(a) He has rescued his wallet.
(b) He has rescued his wife.
(c) He has rescued the manuscript.
(d) He has rescued his wine glass.

14. Why is Tesman in competition with Lovborg?
(a) They are up for the same job at the university.
(b) They are each in love with Mrs. Elvsted.
(c) They are building houses across the street from each other.
(d) They are running the same race for the fair.

15. Which of the assistants was once the Master Builder?
(a) Kaja.
(b) Ragnar.
(c) Brovik.
(d) Solness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Brack suggest to Hedda?

2. What member of Tesman's family has passed away at the beginning of Act 4?

3. Which of the assistants has ambition of becoming a builder?

4. Who, probably, actually is the woman who inspired Lovborg's book?

5. What does Ragnar request of Solness just before Brovik's death?

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