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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Solness finally agree to give Ragnar a kind word about his work?
(a) Kaja threatens to leave him forever.
(b) Hilde threatens that she will no longer believe he is a good man.
(c) Aline threatens to kill herself.
(d) Hilde threatens him with a pistol.

2. Which of the Master Builder's assistants is in love with him?
(a) Ragnar.
(b) Hilde.
(c) Brovik.
(d) Kaja.

3. What is Solness paranoid really happened to the house?
(a) He is afraid he willed its destruction.
(b) He is afraid Ragnar destroyed it on purpose.
(c) He is afraid God did not want him to have the house.
(d) He is afraid Aline set it aflame.

4. What does Ragnar request of Solness just before Brovik's death?
(a) He requests a kind word about his drawings to share with his father.
(b) He requests a partnership in the company.
(c) He requests money to build his father a coffin.
(d) He requests the honor of constructing Solness's tower.

5. How does Solness suspect he may be controlling his own life?
(a) He suspects he may be willing things to happen.
(b) He suspects he may be spending all his money.
(c) He suspects God is angry with him.
(d) He suspects he may be obsessive-compulsive.

6. What refreshment does Hedda offer to her guests?
(a) She offers them tea and cake.
(b) She offers them water and bread.
(c) She offers them hot toddies.
(d) She offers them cold punch.

7. Why has Hilde come?
(a) She is responding to an advertisement for a job.
(b) She is in love with Ragnar.
(c) She remembers a promise Solness made to her ten years ago.
(d) She misses Aline, who is her very good friend.

8. What happened to the children?
(a) They died in a fire.
(b) Aline developed a fever that poisoned her breast milk which killed them.
(c) They were given to a relative, who still takes care of them.
(d) They were stolen out of their cradles.

9. Who does Ragnar want to marry?
(a) Aline.
(b) Hilde.
(c) Kaja.
(d) Hedda.

10. Why does Hedda goad Lovborg into going to the party?
(a) She longs for an evening alone with Mrs. Elvsted.
(b) She plans to meet him in secret later.
(c) She is seeking revenge on Aunt Julle.
(d) She wants to feel in control of someone's destiny.

11. What prized possession was passed to Hedda from her father?
(a) His fountain pen.
(b) His pistols.
(c) His saber.
(d) His money clip.

12. How does Hedda die?
(a) She dies of a heart attack.
(b) She dies of a self-inflicted shot to the temple.
(c) She dies of a carriage accident.
(d) She dies by jumping off a cliff.

13. What is the most important element to Aline in her life?
(a) She must always perform her duty.
(b) She must always take care of the children.
(c) She must always cook immaculately.
(d) She must always be on time.

14. What destroyed Solness and Aline's original home?
(a) A fire.
(b) A flood.
(c) A tornado.
(d) An earthquake.

15. What does Solness plan to hang from the tower of his new home?
(a) A wreath.
(b) A flag.
(c) A curtain.
(d) A sign.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the assistants has ambition of becoming a builder?

2. Why did Hedda marry Tesman?

3. What does Solness hope will help repair the relationship between him and Aline?

4. What object did Aunt Julle purchase to impress Hedda?

5. Who arrives with news of Lovborg's attempted suicide?

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