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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oswald think will happen to any attempted memorial of his father?
(a) He thinks the plans will be flooded, like the orphanage.
(b) He thinks the memorial will burn.
(c) He thinks the memorial will be exalted by the community.
(d) He thinks the plans will never come to fruition.

2. What name has Oswald given himself?
(a) The Second Coming.
(b) The Venus di Milo.
(c) Mr. Alving.
(d) The Prodigal Sun.

3. How does Krogstad plan to tell Torvald of Nora's IOU?
(a) He is going to burst in to Torvald's office.
(b) He plans to send him an email.
(c) He has written Torvald a letter.
(d) He plans to tell him at the bank the next day.

4. What disease does Dr. Rank have?
(a) Cancer of the bones.
(b) Step throat.
(c) Tuberculosis of the spine.
(d) Muscular Sclerosis.

5. What favor does Krogstad ask of Nora?
(a) He asks her to help him keep his job at the bank.
(b) He asks her to watch his children for the evening.
(c) He asks her to mend his coat for him.
(d) He asks her to put in a good word with Mrs. Linde.

6. What does Krogstad send back to Torvald?
(a) He sends back the money Nora paid him.
(b) He sends back Dr. Rank's card.
(c) He sends back his notice.
(d) He sends back Nora's IOU.

7. What is Nora's reputation among her friends and family?
(a) A catty, cruel witch.
(b) A weepy, brittle sensitive.
(c) A frivolous, silly woman.
(d) A serious-minded scholar.

8. Which of Mrs. Alving's possessions does the Pastor disapprove of?
(a) He disapproves of her liquor.
(b) He disapproves of her books.
(c) He disapproves of her paintings.
(d) He disapproves of her dresses.

9. How much did the trip cost?
(a) Twelve hundred dollars.
(b) One million dollars.
(c) One hundred dollars.
(d) Twenty dollars.

10. Why does Pastor Manders like Engstrand?
(a) Engstrand's daughter is the Pastor's wife, and it is only fitting for the Pastor to like him.
(b) Engstrand saved the Pastor's life once, long ago.
(c) He feels Engstrand is honest and willing to confess is failures.
(d) He and Engstrand are brothers and he has always had a soft spot for him.

11. What story does Engstrand tell about Regine's parentage?
(a) He was told by Mrs. Alving that Regine was the Captain's child and to keep it a secret.
(b) He was told by a colleague that Regine was the daughter of his brother, and needed a home.
(c) He was told by Johanna that her father was a foreigner, and all the money went to Regine's education.
(d) He was told by Pastor Manders that Johanna needed a guiding hand and he could help by raising her child.

12. Who does Mrs. Alving credit with her intellectual awakening?
(a) She credits Oswald, whose zest for art has been her saving grace.
(b) She credits Mr. Alving, whose morality and generosity she always envied.
(c) She credits Pastor Manders, whose advice forced her to reexamine the system.
(d) She credits Regine, whose love for her son warms her heart.

13. What is Engstrand's business idea?
(a) He wants to build an orphanage.
(b) He wants to open a seafood restaurant.
(c) He wants to build a city park.
(d) He wants to open a hotel for seamen.

14. What does Krogstad want from Torvald?
(a) He wants Torvald to work for him.
(b) He wants Nora to come with him and be his wife.
(c) He wants a new, more important job at the bank.
(d) He wants his money back with interest.

15. Who does Dr. Rank want Nora to prevent from visiting him in his final illness?
(a) Torvald.
(b) Krogstad.
(c) Mrs. Linde.
(d) Mrs. Rank.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Torvald discover in the lock of the mailbox?

2. What does Oswald feel he has to make up to Regine?

3. What daily responsibility does Nora have trouble managing, according to Torvald?

4. What is the significance of the orphanage's unveiling ceremony?

5. Why does Torvald stay away from Nora at parties?

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