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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who actually loaned Nora the money?
(a) Dr. Rank.
(b) Krogstad.
(c) Kristine.
(d) Her father.

2. Who pursues Krogstad in an attempt to help Nora?
(a) Helene.
(b) Mrs. Linde.
(c) Torvald.
(d) Dr. Rank.

3. What kind of man was Mr. Alving?
(a) He was a distant, solemn man who rarely spoke or entertained.
(b) He was a jolly fellow with many friends who always visited.
(c) He was a debauched drunk and indiscreet cheater.
(d) He was a sainted man who never touched alcohol.

4. How did Torvald feel during Nora's project?
(a) He felt suspicious.
(b) He felt bored.
(c) He felt invigorated.
(d) He felt angry.

5. What is the significance of the orphanage's unveiling ceremony?
(a) It is Mrs. Alving's birthday.
(b) It is Mr. Alving's birthday.
(c) It is the tenth anniversary of Mr. Alving's death.
(d) It is the tenth anniversary of Oswald's death.

6. What ultimatum does Mrs. Alving want to give Oswald?
(a) She wants him to either go study with Pastor Manders or stay at home with her.
(b) She wants him to either quit smoking his pipe or only smoke it in his room.
(c) She wants him to either go abroad and do art or stay at home and give it up.
(d) She wants him to either marry Regine or send her packing.

7. Who does Mrs. Alving credit with her intellectual awakening?
(a) She credits Mr. Alving, whose morality and generosity she always envied.
(b) She credits Pastor Manders, whose advice forced her to reexamine the system.
(c) She credits Oswald, whose zest for art has been her saving grace.
(d) She credits Regine, whose love for her son warms her heart.

8. What excuse does Mrs. Linde give for being at the Helmers' residence?
(a) She wants to see Nora in her costume.
(b) She wants to take care of the children instead of Helene.
(c) She was meeting with Krogstad.
(d) She wants to see Dr. Rank.

9. Who does Torvald think loaned Nora the money to go south?
(a) Kristine.
(b) Dr. Rank.
(c) Her father.
(d) Mr. Krogstad.

10. What does Krogstad send back to Torvald?
(a) He sends back his notice.
(b) He sends back Dr. Rank's card.
(c) He sends back Nora's IOU.
(d) He sends back the money Nora paid him.

11. What does Nora tell Dr. Rank is her "big secret"?
(a) She has ordered a new costume and does not want to tell Torvald.
(b) She has committed fraud and needs to pay back her lender.
(c) She is pregnant again.
(d) She has hired Mrs. Linde to work in the house for them.

12. What does Oswald ask for at the end of the play?
(a) He asks for Regine.
(b) He asks for a drink.
(c) He asks for the sun.
(d) He asks for the moon.

13. Why are the Helmers excited for the new year?
(a) Nora has gotten a new job.
(b) Torvald has gotten a promotion and a raise.
(c) Dr. Rank is getting married.
(d) Nora is giving birth to another child.

14. What is Nora carrying as she enters Act 1?
(a) She is carrying embroidery.
(b) She is carrying one of the children.
(c) She is carrying a letter.
(d) She is carrying Christmas gifts.

15. Who is Regine's biological parent?
(a) Pastor Manders.
(b) Engstrand.
(c) Mr. Alving.
(d) Oswald.

Short Answer Questions

1. What critical past moment of Mrs. Alving's life does the Pastor share?

2. What does Mrs. Alving think is the cause of all the trouble in the world?

3. How did Nora actually get the money?

4. What have Pastor Manders and Mrs. Alving been building?

5. What is Oswald's plan once his illness incapacitates him?

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