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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nora's reputation among her friends and family?
(a) A weepy, brittle sensitive.
(b) A frivolous, silly woman.
(c) A catty, cruel witch.
(d) A serious-minded scholar.

2. What does Torvald call Nora after Mrs. Linde leaves?
(a) His biggest problem.
(b) His weak link.
(c) His fierce Spaniard.
(d) His most treasured possession.

3. What does Krogstad want from Torvald?
(a) He wants Nora to come with him and be his wife.
(b) He wants his money back with interest.
(c) He wants a new, more important job at the bank.
(d) He wants Torvald to work for him.

4. How did Torvald feel during Nora's project?
(a) He felt bored.
(b) He felt angry.
(c) He felt invigorated.
(d) He felt suspicious.

5. What does Oswald feel he has to make up to Regine?
(a) He dropped a teacup that shattered and she had to clean up.
(b) He mentioned bringing her to Paris, which he forgot.
(c) He borrowed money from her and did not pay it back.
(d) He send her father, Engstrand, away in anger.

6. Who is Regine's biological parent?
(a) Oswald.
(b) Mr. Alving.
(c) Engstrand.
(d) Pastor Manders.

7. What favor does Krogstad ask of Nora?
(a) He asks her to put in a good word with Mrs. Linde.
(b) He asks her to help him keep his job at the bank.
(c) He asks her to watch his children for the evening.
(d) He asks her to mend his coat for him.

8. What does Oswald think will happen to any attempted memorial of his father?
(a) He thinks the memorial will burn.
(b) He thinks the memorial will be exalted by the community.
(c) He thinks the plans will be flooded, like the orphanage.
(d) He thinks the plans will never come to fruition.

9. To what does Nora compare her and Torvald's life?
(a) She compares their lives to Dr. Rank's death.
(b) She compares their marriage and home to a doll house.
(c) She compares their marriage and home to Krogstad's tragedy.
(d) She compares their lives to the bank.

10. Who actually loaned Nora the money?
(a) Dr. Rank.
(b) Krogstad.
(c) Her father.
(d) Kristine.

11. What childhood memory does Oswald share about his father?
(a) He remembers the first time plowing the fields.
(b) He remembers the first cobbling.
(c) He remembers the first book he read.
(d) He remembers the first time he smoked a pipe.

12. Why is the Pastor hesitant about getting the orphanage insured?
(a) He is worried about all the work he would have to do.
(b) He is worried about the cost of insurance.
(c) He is worried about what people in the area will think.
(d) He is worried that the orphans will not be able to pay.

13. What feelings does Dr. Rank confess to Nora?
(a) He confesses he is jealous of Helene.
(b) He confesses he dislikes Torvald.
(c) He confesses he truly hates her.
(d) He confesses he is in love with her.

14. Why has Dr. Rank allowed himself such a merry evening?
(a) He has fallen in love with Mrs. Linde.
(b) He has finished his own lab results.
(c) He and Nora are running away together.
(d) He is cured of his disease.

15. What does Kristine propose between she and Krogstad?
(a) She proposes they never speak again.
(b) She proposes they both work at the bank together.
(c) She proposes they steal the Helmer's things.
(d) She proposes they join forces.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Torvald discover in the lock of the mailbox?

2. Why does Pastor Manders support Regine going back with Engstrand?

3. What important piece of biological information does Mrs. Alving reveal to Regine and Oswald?

4. How does Krogstad plan to tell Torvald of Nora's IOU?

5. What is Nora carrying as she enters Act 1?

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