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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Torvald blame for Nora's fall from grace?
(a) He blames her father.
(b) He blames Mrs. Linde.
(c) He blames Krogstad.
(d) He blames Dr. Rank.

2. Why did Engstrand claim Regine as his own child?
(a) He felt sorry for the unborn baby and took the blame on himself.
(b) He was paid very well to keep her real father a secret.
(c) He desperately wanted a child and circumstances worked in his favor.
(d) He was fooled by his wife and has no idea he is not Regine's real father.

3. Who does Dr. Rank want Nora to prevent from visiting him in his final illness?
(a) Mrs. Rank.
(b) Krogstad.
(c) Torvald.
(d) Mrs. Linde.

4. To what does Nora compare her and Torvald's life?
(a) She compares their lives to Dr. Rank's death.
(b) She compares their marriage and home to Krogstad's tragedy.
(c) She compares their lives to the bank.
(d) She compares their marriage and home to a doll house.

5. Why does Torvald whisk Nora away so quickly after the dance?
(a) He is confused by her mistakes and is taking her away to chastise her.
(b) He does not want to spoil the effect of her performance by letting her loiter.
(c) He is upset with her performance and plans to berate her in private.
(d) He is awed by her performance and wants to have his way with her.

6. What favor does Krogstad ask of Nora?
(a) He asks her to put in a good word with Mrs. Linde.
(b) He asks her to watch his children for the evening.
(c) He asks her to mend his coat for him.
(d) He asks her to help him keep his job at the bank.

7. How is Engstrand related to Regine?
(a) Engstrand is her cousin.
(b) Engstrand is her father.
(c) Engstrand is her uncle.
(d) Engstrand is her brother.

8. What does Oswald ask for at the end of the play?
(a) He asks for the moon.
(b) He asks for the sun.
(c) He asks for Regine.
(d) He asks for a drink.

9. What is Nora carrying as she enters Act 1?
(a) She is carrying one of the children.
(b) She is carrying Christmas gifts.
(c) She is carrying a letter.
(d) She is carrying embroidery.

10. What childhood memory does Oswald share about his father?
(a) He remembers the first time he smoked a pipe.
(b) He remembers the first book he read.
(c) He remembers the first cobbling.
(d) He remembers the first time plowing the fields.

11. When Torvald became ill, where did he and Nora go?
(a) They went to New York.
(b) They went to Italy.
(c) They went to Spain.
(d) They went to Argentina.

12. Why does Nora leave Torvald?
(a) She is tired of him and wants to live somewhere else.
(b) She is tired of his constant mistresses.
(c) She is in love with Dr. Rank.
(d) She must learn to stand on her own two feet.

13. What does Torvald call Nora after Mrs. Linde leaves?
(a) His most treasured possession.
(b) His biggest problem.
(c) His weak link.
(d) His fierce Spaniard.

14. How does Krogstad plan to tell Torvald of Nora's IOU?
(a) He plans to send him an email.
(b) He has written Torvald a letter.
(c) He plans to tell him at the bank the next day.
(d) He is going to burst in to Torvald's office.

15. Who actually loaned Nora the money?
(a) Her father.
(b) Krogstad.
(c) Dr. Rank.
(d) Kristine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Pastor stay away from Helene and Mr. Alving for so many years?

2. What feelings does Dr. Rank confess to Nora?

3. Who took care of Nora as a child?

4. What is Oswald's illness?

5. What does Oswald think will happen to any attempted memorial of his father?

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