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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Master Builder, Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what animal does Torvald often compare Nora?
(a) He compares her to dolphin.
(b) He compares her to a songbird.
(c) He compares her to a lion.
(d) He compares her to a raccoon.

2. What ultimatum does Mrs. Alving want to give Oswald?
(a) She wants him to either go study with Pastor Manders or stay at home with her.
(b) She wants him to either marry Regine or send her packing.
(c) She wants him to either quit smoking his pipe or only smoke it in his room.
(d) She wants him to either go abroad and do art or stay at home and give it up.

3. By the end of Act 4, what has Hedda lost?
(a) She has lost her freedom.
(b) She has lost her hat.
(c) She has lost her parasol.
(d) She has lost her one true love.

4. In the past year, what did Nora do two weeks before Christmas?
(a) Nora took a trip to Milan to shop.
(b) Nora slaved over pies and candy in the kitchen.
(c) Nora shut herself in and made paper decoration.
(d) Nora cleaned the house top to bottom.

5. What favor does Krogstad ask of Nora?
(a) He asks her to help him keep his job at the bank.
(b) He asks her to watch his children for the evening.
(c) He asks her to mend his coat for him.
(d) He asks her to put in a good word with Mrs. Linde.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hedda tell Tesman she burned the manuscript?

2. What possession of Hedda's does she want to keep, despite the fact that it doesn't match their home?

3. To what does Mrs. Elvsted compare the manuscript?

4. What member of Tesman's family has passed away at the beginning of Act 4?

5. Why did Hedda marry Tesman?

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