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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Master Builder, Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the orphanage at the end of Act 2?
(a) The orphanage is flooded by the rain.
(b) The orphanage is blown over by wind.
(c) The orphanage is painted and vandalized.
(d) The orphanage catches fire and burns down.

2. What faux pas does Hedda commit against Mrs. Elvsted.
(a) She does not ask about the children.
(b) She does not offer her something to drink.
(c) She calls her by the wrong name.
(d) She forgets to invite her to sit.

3. What does Helmer think is wrong with Nora's tarentella?
(a) He thinks it is too wild.
(b) He thinks it is not graceful.
(c) He thinks the steps are wrong.
(d) He thinks it is too tame.

4. What story does Engstrand tell about Regine's parentage?
(a) He was told by Mrs. Alving that Regine was the Captain's child and to keep it a secret.
(b) He was told by a colleague that Regine was the daughter of his brother, and needed a home.
(c) He was told by Pastor Manders that Johanna needed a guiding hand and he could help by raising her child.
(d) He was told by Johanna that her father was a foreigner, and all the money went to Regine's education.

5. What is Torvald concerned about saving from their relationship?
(a) He is concerned about saving his sanity.
(b) He is concerned about preserving their public appearance.
(c) He is concerned about saving her clothing for his next wife.
(d) He is concerned about saving Dr. Rank from her treachery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crime does Krogstad reveal Nora has committed?

2. How did Nora actually get the money?

3. What suggestion does Torvald give Mrs. Linde?

4. What does Hedda finally do with the manuscript?

5. What event is Dr. Rank very frank about with Nora?

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