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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hedda Gabler, Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pursues Krogstad in an attempt to help Nora?
(a) Dr. Rank.
(b) Mrs. Linde.
(c) Torvald.
(d) Helene.

2. What important piece of biological information does Mrs. Alving reveal to Regine and Oswald?
(a) They are actually betrothed, and have been since birth.
(b) She is not Oswald's biological mother.
(c) Regine is Mrs. Alving's biological daughter.
(d) They are, in fact, half brother and half sister.

3. Why was Lovborg arrested?
(a) He jay-walked.
(b) He littered.
(c) He accused an ex-lover of stealing his manuscript.
(d) He killed Mr. Brack with Hedda's pistol.

4. What ultimatum does Mrs. Alving want to give Oswald?
(a) She wants him to either go study with Pastor Manders or stay at home with her.
(b) She wants him to either go abroad and do art or stay at home and give it up.
(c) She wants him to either quit smoking his pipe or only smoke it in his room.
(d) She wants him to either marry Regine or send her packing.

5. What does Krogstad send back to Torvald?
(a) He sends back Nora's IOU.
(b) He sends back Dr. Rank's card.
(c) He sends back his notice.
(d) He sends back the money Nora paid him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Mrs. Linde give for being at the Helmers' residence?

2. What story does Engstrand tell about Regine's parentage?

3. Whom does Hedda "playfully" shoot at?

4. What has Tesman rescued for Lovborg?

5. In the past year, what did Nora do two weeks before Christmas?

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