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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hedda Gabler, Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kristine propose between she and Krogstad?
(a) She proposes they never speak again.
(b) She proposes they both work at the bank together.
(c) She proposes they steal the Helmer's things.
(d) She proposes they join forces.

2. Why does Hedda goad Lovborg into going to the party?
(a) She plans to meet him in secret later.
(b) She is seeking revenge on Aunt Julle.
(c) She longs for an evening alone with Mrs. Elvsted.
(d) She wants to feel in control of someone's destiny.

3. Who does Dr. Rank want Nora to prevent from visiting him in his final illness?
(a) Mrs. Rank.
(b) Mrs. Linde.
(c) Krogstad.
(d) Torvald.

4. What is Oswald's plan once his illness incapacitates him?
(a) He plans to marry Regine and profligate the family.
(b) He plans to paint as much as he can.
(c) He plans to kill himself with morphine pills.
(d) He plans to commit himself fully to prayer.

5. What kind of man was Mr. Alving?
(a) He was a distant, solemn man who rarely spoke or entertained.
(b) He was a jolly fellow with many friends who always visited.
(c) He was a debauched drunk and indiscreet cheater.
(d) He was a sainted man who never touched alcohol.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Nora actually get the money?

2. Whose assistance will Oswald need if his illness progresses?

3. Why does Lovborg say that Mrs. Elvsted is a good companion?

4. What is Nora carrying as she enters Act 1?

5. How is Engstrand related to Regine?

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