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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ghosts, Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kristine propose between she and Krogstad?
(a) She proposes they never speak again.
(b) She proposes they steal the Helmer's things.
(c) She proposes they both work at the bank together.
(d) She proposes they join forces.

2. Why is the Pastor hesitant about getting the orphanage insured?
(a) He is worried about what people in the area will think.
(b) He is worried about all the work he would have to do.
(c) He is worried about the cost of insurance.
(d) He is worried that the orphans will not be able to pay.

3. What does Dr. Rank plan to send to Nora to alert her of his final descent?
(a) He will send his visiting card with a black cross on it.
(b) He will send his visiting card with a scull and crossbones on it.
(c) He will send her a single rose.
(d) He will send her a detailed note.

4. What item of her costume does Nora show Dr. Rank?
(a) She shows him her silk stockings.
(b) She shows him her flower clip.
(c) She shows him her bracelet.
(d) She shows him her fan.

5. What is Oswald's illness?
(a) He has a disease that is atrophying his muscles.
(b) He has a sinus infection.
(c) He has a disease that is deteriorating his brain.
(d) He has a disease that make him sick to his stomach.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Nora's reputation among her friends and family?

2. What have Pastor Manders and Mrs. Alving been building?

3. What name has Oswald given himself?

4. What can many of the artists abroad not afford, according to Oswald?

5. What card does Torvald receive from Dr. Rank?

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