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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Master Builder, Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what kind of building was Solness constructing the tower many years ago?
(a) For a town hall.
(b) For a home.
(c) For a shop.
(d) For a church.

2. How does Krogstad plan to tell Torvald of Nora's IOU?
(a) He has written Torvald a letter.
(b) He plans to tell him at the bank the next day.
(c) He plans to send him an email.
(d) He is going to burst in to Torvald's office.

3. What can many of the artists abroad not afford, according to Oswald?
(a) They cannot afford to get married.
(b) They cannot afford new clothes.
(c) They cannot afford pipes.
(d) They cannot afford to purchase houses.

4. Why did Engstrand claim Regine as his own child?
(a) He felt sorry for the unborn baby and took the blame on himself.
(b) He was paid very well to keep her real father a secret.
(c) He desperately wanted a child and circumstances worked in his favor.
(d) He was fooled by his wife and has no idea he is not Regine's real father.

5. When Torvald became ill, where did he and Nora go?
(a) They went to Argentina.
(b) They went to Italy.
(c) They went to New York.
(d) They went to Spain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pursues Krogstad in an attempt to help Nora?

2. What has Tesman rescued for Lovborg?

3. Why has Solness kept Kaja employed?

4. With whom does Tesman entrust Lovborg's manuscript?

5. When they were younger, what was the relationship between Torvald and Krogstad?

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