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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ghosts, Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Torvald stay away from Nora at parties?
(a) He is pretending they are secret lovers and engaged.
(b) He is jealous of the attention she receives.
(c) He cannot stand her.
(d) He is always accompanying Dr. Rank.

2. What critical past moment of Mrs. Alving's life does the Pastor share?
(a) When Mrs. Alving tried to run from her husband.
(b) When Mrs. Alving was deathly ill.
(c) When Mr. Alving was deathly ill.
(d) When Oswald was lost in the country.

3. What can many of the artists abroad not afford, according to Oswald?
(a) They cannot afford new clothes.
(b) They cannot afford pipes.
(c) They cannot afford to get married.
(d) They cannot afford to purchase houses.

4. What suggestion does Torvald give Mrs. Linde?
(a) He suggests she end her relationship with Nora.
(b) He suggests she take up embroidery instead of knitting.
(c) He suggests she end her relationship with Krogstad.
(d) He suggests she fix her hair in a more attractive way, like Nora's hair.

5. What is Nora's costume for the party?
(a) An American Indian.
(b) An Arabian serving maid.
(c) A Neapolitan fisher lass.
(d) An English princess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Rank plan to send to Nora to alert her of his final descent?

2. What did Oswald go abroad to become?

3. How much did the trip cost?

4. How does Krogstad plan to tell Torvald of Nora's IOU?

5. What is Nora carrying as she enters Act 1?

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