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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hedda Gabler, Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What faux pas does Hedda commit against Mrs. Elvsted.
(a) She calls her by the wrong name.
(b) She does not ask about the children.
(c) She does not offer her something to drink.
(d) She forgets to invite her to sit.

2. Why does Pastor Manders support Regine going back with Engstrand?
(a) He is in love with her and must separate them from each other.
(b) He believes Engstrand needs a guiding hand and Regine could help him.
(c) He dislikes Regine and knows it would make her miserable.
(d) He has his eye on her position in Mrs. Alving's home.

3. Where does Tesman request for Mrs. Elvsted to take up residence?
(a) Back at her home in the country.
(b) In his own home.
(c) At Aunt Julle's house.
(d) In town, by the singer's house.

4. What possession does Aunt Julle return to Tesman?
(a) She returns his bookcase.
(b) She returns his top hat.
(c) She returns his slippers.
(d) She returns his cane.

5. Why is the Pastor hesitant about getting the orphanage insured?
(a) He is worried that the orphans will not be able to pay.
(b) He is worried about what people in the area will think.
(c) He is worried about the cost of insurance.
(d) He is worried about all the work he would have to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hedda tell Tesman she burned the manuscript?

2. What have Pastor Manders and Mrs. Alving been building?

3. What name has Oswald given himself?

4. What does Aunt Julle hope will fill her time in the future?

5. How does Mr. Brack attempt to blackmail Hedda?

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