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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Hedda Gabler, Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can many of the artists abroad not afford, according to Oswald?
(a) They cannot afford to get married.
(b) They cannot afford new clothes.
(c) They cannot afford pipes.
(d) They cannot afford to purchase houses.

2. Why does Pastor Manders support Regine going back with Engstrand?
(a) He is in love with her and must separate them from each other.
(b) He dislikes Regine and knows it would make her miserable.
(c) He has his eye on her position in Mrs. Alving's home.
(d) He believes Engstrand needs a guiding hand and Regine could help him.

3. What prized possession was passed to Hedda from her father?
(a) His money clip.
(b) His saber.
(c) His fountain pen.
(d) His pistols.

4. What was Hedda's father's career?
(a) He was a clergyman.
(b) He was a teacher.
(c) He was a cobbler.
(d) He was a general.

5. What possession of Hedda's does she want to keep, despite the fact that it doesn't match their home?
(a) Her wardrobe.
(b) Her piano.
(c) Her study desk.
(d) Her hip bath.

Short Answer Questions

1. What possession does Aunt Julle return to Tesman?

2. What member of Tesman's family has passed away at the beginning of Act 4?

3. What object did Aunt Julle purchase to impress Hedda?

4. What kind of man was Mr. Alving?

5. Which of Mrs. Alving's possessions does the Pastor disapprove of?

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