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Lesson 1 (from A Doll's House, Act 1)


This lesson should focus on the facts of Act 1--time, place, characters, relationships, and initial action. Act 1 sets up the conflict for the entire play, not only the outward threat from Krogstad, but Nora's inner struggle for self-awareness.


1) Class Activity: Read Act 1 aloud. The students may take turns reading parts, or choose certain students to read one part for the whole act. Be sure to have a student read the stage directions.

2) Group Activity: Make a character list for Act 1. Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? What is the initial conflict in the play? Be sure to mention the threat from Krogstad and the first glimmers of Nora's awakening. Also, Dr. Rank's illness--essentially rotting from the inside out--is a parallel to Nora's marriage and "happy home."

3) Foreshadowing: Torvald tells Nora he would never take out a loan, and presumably would be very angry...

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