Four Major Plays Fun Activities

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Put on a production of one of the works.

Choose one of the plays and mount a production. Cast students in the roles, and choose other students to direct, design, market, and manage the production.

Research Paper

Research the alternate ending in A DOLL'S HOUSE. Why was Ibsen forced to write it? Where was the alternate ending performed? Put together a three to five page paper outlining the circumstances behind the alternate ending. Be prepared to give a short presentation to the class explaining the reasons why the alternate ending was written.

Ibsen Biography

Research Ibsen's life and put together a mini-biography. Make a timeline to be presented to the class. The student may use any media at their disposal--poster board, PowerPoint, or projection.


Play a game with the class based on Jeopardy. Use multiple choice questions from this packet. The class will be divided into two...

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