Four Major Plays Character Descriptions

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A Doll's House - Nora

She is the central character of A DOLL'S HOUSE; at the beginning of the play she appearing thoughtless, naïve and a little greedy.

Ghosts - Mrs. Alving

She is the central character of GHOSTS who has been mainly unable to lead her own life, thus requiring her to live a lie.

Hedda Gabler - Hedda Gabler

This character is strong willed, idealistic, perhaps misguided, perhaps lonely, perhaps frightened, definitely angry, and above all desperate for freedom in a life that seems, to her evident and increasing fear, to be closing in around her.

The Master Builder - Solness

This character's youth is gone, and he is terrified of being replaced by a younger man, despite the fact that he did exactly that to his master years ago.

A Doll's House - Torvald

His narrow mindedness, his judgmental and patronizing tendency to command...

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