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A Doll's House, Act 1

• Nora comes home laden with gifts and her husband chastises her for spending money so freely.

• Nora teases she does not mind spending the money because Torvald is getting a raise, and they can always borrow what they need.

• Torvald confesses a deep dislike of borrowing money.
• Mrs. Linde, an old friend of Nora's from school, comes to Nora looking for a job.

• Nora confesses to Mrs. Linde that she secretly borrowed money to take the family on a trip to Italy, saving Torvald's life by curing his illness.

• Dr. Rank, Mrs. Linde, and Nora discuss the prestige of Torvald's new job.
• Nora's playtime with the children is interrupted by Krogstad.

• Krogstad was Nora's moneylender and is in danger of losing his job at the bank, so he threatens to show Torvald the IOU Nora wrote him if she does not convince Torvald to...

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