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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives and requests to speak to Marcelo in Part 2, Chapter 5?
(a) Otto von Hartrott.
(b) The Keeper.
(c) The General.
(d) The Count.

2. In Part 2, Chapter 6, why do the Germans cut holes into the fence?
(a) To make room for their rifles.
(b) To spy through.
(c) For amusement.
(d) To further destroy Marcelo's castle.

3. Who does Marcelo argue with in Part 3, Chapter 1?
(a) Elena.
(b) Argensola.
(c) Luisa.
(d) Julio.

4. What is Marcelo's castle used for at the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 6?
(a) Storing Marcelo's antiques.
(b) A German hospital.
(c) A museum.
(d) A hotel.

5. What makes it difficult to locate what the party is searching for in Part 3, Chapter 5?
(a) It is very small.
(b) The writing is fading.
(c) They do not know where to begin their search.
(d) They are very tired.

6. Who offers to arrange for Marcelo to visit Julio?
(a) Chichi.
(b) Julio.
(c) Senator Lacour.
(d) Otto von Hartrott.

7. Who does Julio believe was wounded in the war when he learns about Marguerite's situation?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Marcelo.
(c) Marguerite herself.
(d) Her husband.

8. How does Marcelo avoid doing labor in Part 2, Chapter 6?
(a) By running away.
(b) By bribing the German soldiers.
(c) By killing the German soldiers.
(d) By hiding in his castle.

9. Who do Marcelo and his companion visit first in Part 3, Chapter 3?
(a) Karl von Hartrott.
(b) Rene Lacour.
(c) Senator Lacour.
(d) Chichi.

10. In Part 3, Chapter 3, what maps is Marcelo shown?
(a) Building plans.
(b) Country guidelines.
(c) Enemy locations.
(d) Layout for a new estate.

11. Who arranges for Julio to convalesce in Paris for two weeks?
(a) Karl von Hartrott.
(b) Senator Lacour.
(c) Marcelo.
(d) Argensola.

12. What does Marguerite tell Julio toward the end of Part 2, Chapter 4?
(a) That she never loved him.
(b) That she will meet him in France.
(c) That their affair is over.
(d) That she is pregnant with his child.

13. To what post is Rene assigned in Part 3, Chapter 1?
(a) Ammunitions post in Paris.
(b) Clerical post in Paris.
(c) Clergical post in Paris.
(d) Ammunitions post in London.

14. What does Marcelo do to the first French officer he sees in Part 2, Chapter 6?
(a) Hits him.
(b) Hugs him.
(c) Shoots him.
(d) Kisses him.

15. What news does Senator Lacour deliver to Marcelo at the end of Part 3, Chapter 4?
(a) Rene will never marry Chichi.
(b) Julio has been injured.
(c) Julio is dead.
(d) Julio has fled the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Marcelo with at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 3?

2. Who does Marcelo visit in Part 3, Chapter 2?

3. What are Marcelo, Luisa, Chichi, and Rene searching for at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 5?

4. Where does Julio go after leaving Marguerite?

5. Who does Luisa begin visiting in Part 3, Chapter 1?

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