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Gold Bathtub

This object is the reason that Marcelo decides to defend his castle against German invaders.

Bottles of Wine

Marcelo gives this to German soldiers retreating past his castle before the battle of the Marne.

Paintings of the Soul

This is what Argensola tries to teach Julio to create.

Garden of Chapelle Expiatoire

This is where Julio meets Marguerite after his trip to Argentina.

Madariaga's Ranch

This is where Marcelo works after fleeing France for Argentina.

Julio's Studio

This is where Julio and Argensola live before the war, after which Argensola continues to live here alone.

Buenos Aires

This is where Marcelo retires before his family convinces him to move to Paris.

Paris, France

This is where the Desnoyers family lives after Marcelo retires after ranching.

Berlin, Germany

This is where the von Hartrott family lives after Madriaga's death.


This is the small village where Marcelo...

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