The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Character Descriptions

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Marcelo Desnoyers - This character becomes rich from an inheritance and returns to his homeland, France, where he begins to collect antiques.

Julio Desnoyers - This character becomes a soldier after his lover chooses her husband over him.

Marguerite Laurier - This character has an affair but returns to fidelity for her husband when war breaks out and he becomes a soldier.

Argensola - This character is a painter who is fascinated by the war, which he views as a game.

Dona Luisa Desnoyers - This character is very quiet and religious.

Chichi Desnoyers - This character is engaged to a senator's child.

Elena von Hartrott and Family - This character's marriage to a German causes her father to treat her children poorly.

Senator Lacour and Rene - These characters are a member of the French government and his son, respectively.

Madariaga - This character is a...

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