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Part 1, Chapter 1, The Tryst (In the Garden of Chapelle Expiatoire)

• After returning from a trip to Argentina to procure money to marry his lover, Marguerite Laurier, Julio awaits Marguerite's arrival in the garden of Chapelle Ezpiatore.

• Rumors of a war between Germany and France caused a change in the once friendly German captain of the boat on which Julio returned to France.
• Marguerite finally appears and after discussing her husband, the war, and her divorce, Julio forces her to return to his house with him despite her protests of being seen.

Part 1, Chapter 2, Madariaga, The Centaur

• As a teenager, Marcelo does not support the French empire, and when republicans rise up against the Empire, Marcelo flees to Argentina where he finds work on a ranch outside of Buenos Aires, which is owned by Julio Madriaga, a transplanted Spaniard with no legitimate sons who takes a special interest in...

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