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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which serial killer does Griffin like?
(a) Hannibal the Cannibal.
(b) Freddie Krueger.
(c) Son of Sam.
(d) The Zodiac Killer.

2. At what point in Harpers Ferry can Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia be seen all at once?
(a) At Mount Wilson.
(b) At Jefferson Rock.
(c) At Mount Jackson.
(d) At Lincoln Peak.

3. For who does Billie house-sit?
(a) The Archibalds.
(b) The O'Briens.
(c) The Strangeloves.
(d) The McConnells.

4. Where was Thomas Hoff stationed when convicted of murder?
(a) Fort Drum.
(b) Fort Bragg.
(c) Fort Leavenworth.
(d) Fort Benning.

5. Who does the woman sitting near Alex and John in the Misfits Pub think killed Vanessa?
(a) Army "trash."
(b) Another prostitute.
(c) Navy seals.
(d) A stalker.

6. Which military group prefers the lightweight RTAK survival knife?
(a) Black Ops.
(b) The Army Special Forces.
(c) The 82nd Airborne.
(d) The Navy Seals.

7. What is Billie's daughter's name?
(a) Lorri.
(b) Kari.
(c) Sally.
(d) Amber.

8. At what gate does Jamilla arrive at Reagan National?
(a) Gate 74.
(b) Gate 50.
(c) Gate 13C.
(d) Gate 8A.

9. Where does Billie's son Andrew attend college?
(a) Howard.
(b) Rice.
(c) Tufts.
(d) Rutgers.

10. What did Santo Marinacci do before his execution for a crime he didn't commit?
(a) He was a driver.
(b) He was a high school football coach.
(c) He was a barber.
(d) He was a chef.

11. Jamilla says that her father thinks she could give _____ a run with her athletic abilities.
(a) Shaquille O'Neil.
(b) Cal Ripkin, Jr.
(c) Barry Bonds.
(d) Joe Montana.

12. At what point on the Appalachian trail does Starkey figure the kill will take place?
(a) Donner Point.
(b) Jefferson Point.
(c) Loudoun Heights.
(d) Calhoun Pass.

13. According to the author, what is one of Harris's distinct facial features?
(a) Three moles.
(b) Girlish lips.
(c) A uni-brow.
(d) A Romanesque nose.

14. What kind of car does Alex drive?
(a) A Dodge Ram truck.
(b) A new Lexus coupe.
(c) A Honda CRV.
(d) An old Porsche.

15. What disease caused Ronald, the witness to the Fort Bragg murders, to be bound to a wheelchair?
(a) Spondylosis.
(b) Multiple Sclerosis.
(c) Kyphosis.
(d) Spina Bifida.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Alex and John transported to the Cumberland County jail?

2. What does Starkey call his wife?

3. What is the name of Alex's family cat?

4. What are the women drinking as the Three Blind Mice descend upon Tanya Jackson's house?

5. What is the nickname of the killer that Alex put away now incarcerated in Colorado?

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