Four Blind Mice: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Alex Cross

This person, whose spouse was killed by a criminal, is an FBI detective and psychologist, called in to help on the worst crimes committed across the country.

John Sampson

This person is a detective in Washington whose friend is convicted of murder and is awaiting execution.

Ellis Cooper

This person is a Sergeant in the United States Army Special Forces convicted and sentenced to death after only two and a half hours of deliberation by the jury for murder.

Thomas Starkey

This person is the leader of the group of assassins given the code name of the Three Blind Mice in Vietnam.

Browley Harris

This person is five-foot-eight with a stocky frame that still bears fifty one years of age well and is the second of the Three Blind Mice.

Warren (the kid) Griffin

This person is the most impulsive and youngest of the Three Blind...

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