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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Peter become the head of the architecture firm?
(a) When Toohey buys an interest in the firm.
(b) When Francon retires.
(c) When Neil Durant becomes a partner.
(d) When Dominique decides not to divorce him.

2. What brings about the downfall of Peter Keating's business?
(a) Toohey's continued support of Peter.
(b) The failure of the World's Fair exhibition.
(c) Peter's desire to find Katie and marry her.
(d) His partner is sabotaging him like he did to Heyer.

3. Why is the defeat so devastating to Wynand?
(a) He sees that he was right all the time.
(b) He loses Dominique when he loses the paper.
(c) He cannot be a follower.
(d) He trusts Toohey and now they are both out.

4. What underhanded trick do the Aquitania Hotel developers play that backfires on them?
(a) Refusing to pay Roark when the project was late being finished.
(b) Over-selling the properties by 200% in the hopes they would go bankrupt.
(c) Knowing they were going backrupt, they sold properties anyway.
(d) Hiring Roark so that everyone would think he was responsible for the bankruptcy.

5. Where is Katie living now?
(a) Cortlandt Homes.
(b) Connecticut.
(c) Washington.
(d) With Toohey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sin does Peter confess after seeing Katie again?

2. What gives evidence that Toohey intends to take over the "Banner"?

3. What does Roark discover about Cortlandt Homes when he returns for the sailing trip with Wynand?

4. Why does Toohey tell a policeman to arrest him?

5. Who visits Peter after he goes into seclusion?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Gail Wynand's early childhood led to his great cynicism.

2. What is Rand's message about public opinion as Wynand loses control over the "Banner"?

3. Discuss the meaning Rand places on the last meeting of Peter and Katie.

4. How does Rand use the conversation between Wynand and Roark on board the yacht to express her views on socialism?

5. What is the danger in Wynand's new found moral attitude after he comes under the influence of Roark?

6. Roark tells Peter that "it is I who have destroyed you." Explain what he means by that statement.

7. Discuss the high price Wynand puts on Peter getting the Stoneridge Homes commission.

8. Discuss how Rand uses Dominique's perceptions of Wynand and Roark to distinguish between greatness and drive.

9. How does Dominique use the story of the false theft of her diamond ring to take her stand for, instead of against, Roark?

10. Explain why Wynand does not listen to Dominique when she warns him about Toohey.

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