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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Peter after he goes into seclusion?
(a) Katie.
(b) Dominique.
(c) Toohey.
(d) Roark.

2. What do Gail Wynand and Dominique discuss when they go sailing?
(a) Philosophy
(b) The weather
(c) Religion
(d) Politics

3. What brings about the downfall of Peter Keating's business?
(a) His partner is sabotaging him like he did to Heyer.
(b) Peter's desire to find Katie and marry her.
(c) Toohey's continued support of Peter.
(d) The failure of the World's Fair exhibition.

4. What do Roark and Wynand agree on as they look at the land Wynand bought for his house?
(a) Wynand agrees that Roark should consult Dominique.
(b) They agree that the house should be entirely of wood.
(c) Roark agrees to let Wynand dictate the design.
(d) They agree on the site for the house.

5. What does Wynand do with the letter Roark sends him?
(a) Publishes it in the newspaper.
(b) Returns it unopened.
(c) Reads it and throws it away.
(d) Tears it up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sin does Peter confess after seeing Katie again?

2. What does Peter discover is the real reason behind Toohey's socialist tirades?

3. What does Roark discover about Cortlandt Homes when he returns for the sailing trip with Wynand?

4. What is the next project Wynand wants Roark to take on?

5. Who works with the board of directors to save the paper?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of Peter's going once again to Roark when he cannot come up with a design for the Cortlandt Homes project?

2. When Roark goes to meet with Wynand about building his house, he goes to the "Banner" planning to reject the commission. Describe how and why the meeting changes Roark's mind.

3. Discuss how Rand uses Dominique's perceptions of Wynand and Roark to distinguish between greatness and drive.

4. Roark tells Peter that "it is I who have destroyed you." Explain what he means by that statement.

5. Toohey seems to be gaining the upper hand in his quest to take over the "Banner." What is the significance of the public turning against Wynand's publication?

6. Wynand begins to find some inner peace from visiting the building site of his new house. Discuss the reasons for this change in Wynand.

7. On board the yacht, how does Rand use the setting to voice her opposition to socialism?

8. Describe the situation when Wynand sees that he has underestimated Toohey and is in danger of losing the paper.

9. How does Dominique use the story of the false theft of her diamond ring to take her stand for, instead of against, Roark?

10. Unlike Roark whose drive is centered on self-control and perfecting his work, Wynand is driven by revenge and breaking people who have wronged him. How does he try to dominate Roark and with what result?

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