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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finally tells Gail Wynand the name of the sculptor who did the statue Toohey gave him?
(a) Mallory
(b) Roark
(c) Dominique
(d) Peter

2. What finally defeats Wynand?
(a) Public opinion.
(b) Selling off his stock in the paper.
(c) Accepting Toohey back at the paper.
(d) Changing his position on Roark.

3. On her way to Reno, why does Dominique stop over in Clayton, Ohio?
(a) Mallory is there waiting for her.
(b) Roark is there building a new building.
(c) She changes her mind about divorcing Peter.
(d) She is tired of the long train ride.

4. What finally persuades Wynand to meet Dominique?
(a) Toohey threatens to resign if he will not meet with her.
(b) He wants to meet the model for the statue.
(c) He thinks Toohey will not give him the sculpture if he does not agree to meet her.
(d) He learns that Dominique is married.

5. What does Wynand admit to Roark?
(a) That he does not actually own the Banner.
(b) That the Banner cannot hurt Roark.
(c) That the Banner's support of Roark had actually hurt him.
(d) That he has no money left.

Short Answer Questions

1. What legal right does Roark maintain gave him the authority to destroy Cortlandt Homes?

2. What causes Wynand to lose respect for integrity?

3. What does Katie feel for Peter when they meet by accident on the street?

4. What is Dominique's name at the end of the novel?

5. Why is the defeat so devastating to Wynand?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dominique use the story of the false theft of her diamond ring to take her stand for, instead of against, Roark?

2. How does Roark's self defense at his trial sum up Rand's statement about the value of the individual over socialism?

3. Describe how Gail Wynand's early childhood led to his great cynicism.

4. In spite of his socialist tutoring from Toohey, Peter retains some sense of "I." How does Rand use Dominique to illustrate that point?

5. How does Wynand exonerate himself and regain his own integrity?

6. Unlike Roark whose drive is centered on self-control and perfecting his work, Wynand is driven by revenge and breaking people who have wronged him. How does he try to dominate Roark and with what result?

7. Discuss the high price Wynand puts on Peter getting the Stoneridge Homes commission.

8. Toohey works hard to see that Roark is convicted. Why is he so intent on that outcome?

9. How does Roark's destruction of Cortland Homes relate to his sense of integrity?

10. Toohey seems to be gaining the upper hand in his quest to take over the "Banner." What is the significance of the public turning against Wynand's publication?

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