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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in the relationship between Roark and Wynand is distressing to Dominique?
(a) She sees that Wynand is secretly out to ruin Roark.
(b) She thinks Roark is not telling Wynand the truth.
(c) She sees that they have a real affinity for each other.
(d) She thinks Roark is finally compromising his art.

2. How does Wynand react when he discovers that Dominique helped Roark destroy Cortlandt Homes?
(a) He threatens to expose them.
(b) He approves.
(c) He writes editorials condemning Roark.
(d) He becomes intently jealous.

3. What is the sole evidence the prosecution enters against Roark?
(a) Peter's testimony and the agreement he had with Roark.
(b) Roark's confession that he blew up Cortlandt Homes.
(c) Dominique's testamony that she helped Roark.
(d) The detonator that had Roark's fingerprints on it.

4. What is the irony of Roark's going to see Wynand about designing his house?
(a) It is the only way Roark can now even see Dominique.
(b) Wynand's newspaper attacked Roark and Wynand has taken Dominique away.
(c) Roark is now prepared to compromise his principles.
(d) Roark likes Wynand but hates his newspaper.

5. How does Wynand get the last laugh on Toohey.
(a) He buys out the stock holders and shuts down the paper.
(b) He puts Toohey's articles in the sports section.
(c) He pushes Toohey into the presses, killing him.
(d) He rewrites everything Toohey does.

Short Answer Questions

1. What conclusion do Dominique and Wynand agree on?

2. Why does the new drama critic at the "Banner" promote Ike's new play that everyone says is bad?

3. What is the basic difference between Roark and Wynand?

4. What does Katie feel for Peter when they meet by accident on the street?

5. Who takes over the Cortlandt Homes project?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of Peter's going once again to Roark when he cannot come up with a design for the Cortlandt Homes project?

2. How does Roark's self defense at his trial sum up Rand's statement about the value of the individual over socialism?

3. Unlike Roark whose drive is centered on self-control and perfecting his work, Wynand is driven by revenge and breaking people who have wronged him. How does he try to dominate Roark and with what result?

4. What is Rand's message about public opinion as Wynand loses control over the "Banner"?

5. Toohey works hard to see that Roark is convicted. Why is he so intent on that outcome?

6. How does Dominique use the story of the false theft of her diamond ring to take her stand for, instead of against, Roark?

7. Wynand begins to find some inner peace from visiting the building site of his new house. Discuss the reasons for this change in Wynand.

8. Explain why Wynand does not listen to Dominique when she warns him about Toohey.

9. When Wynand presents Dominique with a diamond necklace, they have two different takes on where the money came from to pay for it. What were those points of view and what did each one mean?

10. Describe how Gail Wynand's early childhood led to his great cynicism.

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