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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his own defense, how does Roark contrast himself as a creator with those who preach selflessness?
(a) He says selflessness encourages creativity as a group effort.
(b) He says his position is wrong and he is sorry.
(c) He sees that he cannot win and throws himself on the mercy of the court.
(d) He says a creator's work pushes man forward while the others are parasites.

2. What is the main feature of Roark's design for Monadnock Vacation village?
(a) Clusters of closely situated houses.
(b) Privacy and uniqueness.
(c) A central shopping area.
(d) Large houses with open spaces around them.

3. How does Wynand try to manipulate Roark?
(a) He threatens to see that Roark never sees Dominique again.
(b) He reminds Roark that Toohey will attack his work if he does not agree with Wynand on everything.
(c) He threatens to ruin Roark if he does not design according to Wynand's wishes.
(d) He has Roark promise never to use Mallory on any of his buildings.

4. What does Wynand do with the letter Roark sends him?
(a) Reads it and throws it away.
(b) Publishes it in the newspaper.
(c) Tears it up.
(d) Returns it unopened.

5. Why, according to Roark, was Peter destroyed?
(a) Because he helped Peter.
(b) Because he caused Heyer's death.
(c) Because he married Dominique when he did not love her.
(d) Because he refused to listen to Toohey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Scarret and Toohey hope for after Roark's visit?

2. What does Peter discover is the real reason behind Toohey's socialist tirades?

3. What do Gail Wynand and Dominique discuss when they go sailing?

4. Peter returns to his first love. What is that?

5. What motivates Dominique to accept Wynand's marriage proposal?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the end of the novel, Dominique experiences a number of emotions while looking at the Wynand Building. What significance do these moments have to the story?

2. Wynand begins to find some inner peace from visiting the building site of his new house. Discuss the reasons for this change in Wynand.

3. Unlike Roark whose drive is centered on self-control and perfecting his work, Wynand is driven by revenge and breaking people who have wronged him. How does he try to dominate Roark and with what result?

4. When Roark goes to meet with Wynand about building his house, he goes to the "Banner" planning to reject the commission. Describe how and why the meeting changes Roark's mind.

5. Describe how Gail Wynand's early childhood led to his great cynicism.

6. Contrast Peter's situation when he goes to get help once again with Roark's willingness to take on the Cortlandt Homes project.

7. How does Roark's self defense at his trial sum up Rand's statement about the value of the individual over socialism?

8. How does the new drama critic plan to exercise power over the public?

9. Toohey works hard to see that Roark is convicted. Why is he so intent on that outcome?

10. On board the yacht, how does Rand use the setting to voice her opposition to socialism?

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