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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Dominique disappointed in her relationship with Roark?
(a) She wants to change and be supportive of his work.
(b) She plans to stop seeing him.
(c) She feels that he has gained power over her.
(d) She thinks it is too easy to control Roark.

2. Why do Roark and the electrician, Mike, become great friends?
(a) Roark thinks Mike can help him with his designs.
(b) Mike sees Roark get his hands dirty on a building site.
(c) Both men hate Henry Cameron.
(d) Mike has great respect for all architects.

3. What happens to the temple that is now a home for "subnormal children"?
(a) It is left just the way Roark designed it.
(b) It is torn down and rebuilt.
(c) Many architects make additions and changes to it.
(d) It is hidden by vines and trees.

4. What does Peter do with his "world's most beautiful building" contest design?
(a) He tells Toohey which one is his.
(b) He reminds the Stanton professor that he graduated from there.
(c) He asks Dominique to give him her suggestions.
(d) He takes it to Roark for improvement.

5. What comment does Roark make to Dominique about his work in the Quarry?
(a) It is exhausting.
(b) It is exciting.
(c) It helps build up his body.
(d) It is the only thing he knows how to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the opening of the temple canceled?

2. Why is it difficult for Peter Keating to decide what to do after graduation?

3. In what way is Peter Keating better equipped for getting new commissions than Roark?

4. When Peter feels the stress of the strike, where does he go with Katie?

5. Before his death, what warning does Cameron give Roark?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does Mrs. Keating represent all the obstacles Roark will have to face to be true to himself?

2. What are the similarities and differences between Howard Roark and Steven Mallory?

3. Discuss the significance of Peter's intimidation by Lois Cook.

4. Discuss the idea of "ownership" in the relationship between Dominique and Roark.

5. As Cameron becomes ill and gives up, Roark continues to think for himself. At the same time, Ellsworth Toohey is gaining a larger following for his idea of collectivity versus individualism. How does this foreshadow the struggles that Roark will face?

6. Identify and explain two events from Toohey's childhood which began a pattern of behavior he uses in adulthood.

7. Discuss the irony of Peter going to Roark for help with his Cosmo-Slotnik competition design.

8. Discuss Roark's idea that architectural form should follow function.

9. Contrast the difference between Roark and Peter as they attend Kiki Holcombe's party.

10. What is meant by the description of the Stoddard temple as being "like a corpse hacked to pieces and reassembled?"

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