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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the real meaning behind Dominique's critique on the Enright house?
(a) She is subtly saying that it is a work of genius.
(b) She says that it is a ridiculous looking structure.
(c) She writes that it should be copied by other architects.
(d) She thinks the houses near it make it look all that much worse.

2. How was Roark able to reopen his architecture business?
(a) He inherited money from Heyer.
(b) Dominique secretly supported him.
(c) Peter loaned him the money.
(d) He got the Enright contract.

3. What happens when Roark and Dominique meet up at the Holcombe party?
(a) Dominique becomes upset and leaves the party.
(b) Roark takes her back to his place.
(c) Dominique grabs Peter and kisses him.
(d) They both pretend they have never met.

4. What do people say about Roark's work after the opening of the Enright house?
(a) It is a work of genius.
(b) It is cold and inhuman.
(c) It is the new direction all architecture will follow.
(d) It is an improvement over the classical style.

5. How does Peter go about getting rid of Heyer?
(a) He confronts him with a shady business deal Heyer once made.
(b) He informs Francon that Heyer is embezzling from the company.
(c) He plays up his friendship with the old man.
(d) He puts medication in Heyer's coffee that causes him to have a stroke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Toohey think was a "cosmic joke?"

2. What is the chief reaction of the public to Stoddard's temple?

3. How does Dominique get her information to write an article about the slums?

4. When Peter feels the stress of the strike, where does he go with Katie?

5. How does Dominique react when Toohey accuses her of being in love with Roark?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the idea of "ownership" in the relationship between Dominique and Roark.

2. Identify and explain two events from Toohey's childhood which began a pattern of behavior he uses in adulthood.

3. Discuss Rand's use of premonition in chapter 12 when Katie shows up at Peter's apartment.

4. Discuss the irony of Peter going to Roark for help with his Cosmo-Slotnik competition design.

5. When Roark refuses to design a building according to Francon's specifications, he is fired. When he goes to see Gordon Prescott who wrote an article about giving young architects a chance, he is rebuffed. How do these events help to develop the theme of integrity?

6. As Cameron becomes ill and gives up, Roark continues to think for himself. At the same time, Ellsworth Toohey is gaining a larger following for his idea of collectivity versus individualism. How does this foreshadow the struggles that Roark will face?

7. Discuss Roark's idea that architectural form should follow function.

8. Dominique and Roark meet as strangers without names. Like the moth to the flame, Dominique is drawn back again and again to watch Roark at the quarry. Discuss the significance of Roark's domination of Dominique.

9. In 1892, Henry Cameron was the most promising architect of his day, having introduced the idea of the skyscraper. One year later, the popular classical designs of the Columbian Exposition of Chicago ruined Cameron's career. How does Ayn Rand use this to introduce the ideas of individualism versus socialistic dogma?

10. Discuss how Rand accuses critics of distorting reality when Peter finally meets Toohey.

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