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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Sutton hired Roark, he subsequently fired him. What reason did he give Roark?
(a) That Enright says Roark is too expensive.
(b) That Dominique convinced him to hire Peter instead.
(c) That Peter will bring him more publicity.
(d) That Roark did not design the building they agreed on.

2. What is the irony of Heyer's death?
(a) Peter decides to use his wealth to open his own firm.
(b) A clause in Heyer's will lets Peter inherit only if he does not become a partner.
(c) Francon decides he does not need a partner after all.
(d) Peter not only becomes a partner, he inherits Heyer's fortune.

3. Why does Katie show up at the apartment of Peter and his mother?
(a) She had a sudden fear that something was wrong.
(b) She wants to warn Peter about Dominique.
(c) She was overly fond of Peter's mother.
(d) She wanted to break her engagement to Peter.

4. What infuriates Dominique about the replacement fireplace?
(a) Roark sends another workman to install it.
(b) It does not blend in with the architecture of the house.
(c) It has obscene carvings on it.
(d) It is ugly.

5. How does Peter go about getting rid of Heyer?
(a) He plays up his friendship with the old man.
(b) He informs Francon that Heyer is embezzling from the company.
(c) He confronts him with a shady business deal Heyer once made.
(d) He puts medication in Heyer's coffee that causes him to have a stroke.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dominique reveals that Toohey got Roark the job of building the temple to destroy him, what is Roark's reaction?

2. What is Roark's philosophy about designing a building?

3. What does Jimmy Gowans want Roark to design and build for him?

4. Although Stoddard wins the lawsuit against Roark, what happens to Dominique?

5. When Peter hears that Toohey has been shot, what is his first concern?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the beginning of the novel, Howard Roark stands naked on a granite cliff preparing to dive into the waves below. Describe how this scene sets the stage for the entire novel.

2. Discuss the irony of Peter going to Roark for help with his Cosmo-Slotnik competition design.

3. Explain how Roark's getting his hands dirty at a building site wins over the admiration of the electrician, Mike.

4. Dominique writes that the Enright house is a "mockery to all the structures of the city." Most people believe that she is panning the building. What is her real meaning?

5. What are the similarities and differences between Howard Roark and Steven Mallory?

6. Even after Dominique gives testimony that should have swayed the jury, Stoddard wins the lawsuit. Gail Wynand cables the "Banner" to fire Dominique. What is the significance of Dominique's reaction to being fired?

7. Discuss Rand's use of premonition in chapter 12 when Katie shows up at Peter's apartment.

8. Explain why Toohey supports the striking builders and how it fits in with his socialistic ideas.

9. In 1892, Henry Cameron was the most promising architect of his day, having introduced the idea of the skyscraper. One year later, the popular classical designs of the Columbian Exposition of Chicago ruined Cameron's career. How does Ayn Rand use this to introduce the ideas of individualism versus socialistic dogma?

10. Dominique and Roark meet as strangers without names. Like the moth to the flame, Dominique is drawn back again and again to watch Roark at the quarry. Discuss the significance of Roark's domination of Dominique.

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