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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jimmy Gowans want Roark to design and build for him?
(a) A house like Heller's
(b) An office building
(c) A hotel
(d) A gas station

2. Why does Roark agree to go to the Holcombe party?
(a) He respects Peter and Toohey so much.
(b) He knows Dominique will be there.
(c) He has not eaten in several days.
(d) He wants to reject working for Holcombe.

3. In what way is Peter Keating better equipped for getting new commissions than Roark?
(a) Peter has better social skills.
(b) Roark has too many social obligations.
(c) Peter is actually a better architect.
(d) Roark's fancy office makes people think he is too expensive.

4. Why does Peter want Roark to abandon his plan to open his own firm?
(a) Peter knows that Roark will fail and wants to save him.
(b) Peter knows the value of Roark's work and fears the competition.
(c) Peter really wants to be partners with Roark.
(d) Peter thinks Roark will no longer have time to help him with his designs.

5. What is Roark's philosophy about designing a building?
(a) He believes the design should grow out of the purpose for the building.
(b) He thinks buildings should be shocking to the public.
(c) He thinks buildings should not be pleasing to the eye.
(d) He believes his ideas should come from great architects of the past.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Dominique disappointed when she verifies that Roark is reading her articles?

2. What best describes Peter's proposal to Katie?

3. What is Roark's attitude after being expelled from school?

4. Why does Cameron fire Roark?

5. Where does Peter finally get to meet Dominique?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of Peter's going once again to Roark when he cannot come up with a design for the Cortlandt Homes project?

2. Discuss how Roark's Monadnock Valley Resort is in opposition to everything Toohey stands for.

3. Describe how Gail Wynand's early childhood led to his great cynicism.

4. In 1892, Henry Cameron was the most promising architect of his day, having introduced the idea of the skyscraper. One year later, the popular classical designs of the Columbian Exposition of Chicago ruined Cameron's career. How does Ayn Rand use this to introduce the ideas of individualism versus socialistic dogma?

5. Discuss the symbolism of the Wynand Building rising from Hell's Kitchen.

6. Discuss the meaning Rand places on the last meeting of Peter and Katie.

7. Discuss the idea of "ownership" in the relationship between Dominique and Roark.

8. How does Rand use the conversation between Wynand and Roark on board the yacht to express her views on socialism?

9. Describe the character flaws in Peter Keating in regard to both Heyer's death and his winning the Cosmo-Slotnik competition.

10. When Wynand presents Dominique with a diamond necklace, they have two different takes on where the money came from to pay for it. What were those points of view and what did each one mean?

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