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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Toohey tell a policeman to arrest him?
(a) So he can get the publicity.
(b) To protect the guilty.
(c) To protect the innocent.
(d) To keep him from murdering Wynand.

2. How does Toohey react when Wynand forbids any mention of Roark in the "Banner"?
(a) Toohey goes out and gets drunk.
(b) Toohey goes into a rage.
(c) Toohey plans to write a book attacking Roark.
(d) Toohey smiles.

3. What does Roark discover about Cortlandt Homes when he returns for the sailing trip with Wynand?
(a) The project is just as he designed it.
(b) His designs were faulty.
(c) The plans were changed from his design.
(d) Peter decided to change the plans.

4. Peter returns to his first love. What is that?
(a) Ballroom dancing.
(b) Painting.
(c) Fishing.
(d) Writing short stories.

5. Peter gets the design for "The March of the Centuries" exposition at the World's Fair. Why did Roark turn it down?
(a) He did not like the idea of a World's Fair.
(b) He would have to work with other architects.
(c) It was too much for one man to do.
(d) It was all donated time without any payment.

6. When Dominique and Wynand return early from their cruise, what is Peter's concern?
(a) That Toohey has done something to destroy him.
(b) That they will go on another cruise.
(c) That Dominique will not divorce him.
(d) That he will not get his commission.

7. In his own defense, how does Roark contrast himself as a creator with those who preach selflessness?
(a) He says a creator's work pushes man forward while the others are parasites.
(b) He says his position is wrong and he is sorry.
(c) He sees that he cannot win and throws himself on the mercy of the court.
(d) He says selflessness encourages creativity as a group effort.

8. What do Gail Wynand and Dominique discuss when they go sailing?
(a) Politics
(b) Philosophy
(c) Religion
(d) The weather

9. What does Wynand do with the letter Roark sends him?
(a) Publishes it in the newspaper.
(b) Tears it up.
(c) Reads it and throws it away.
(d) Returns it unopened.

10. How does Dominique continue to punish herself?
(a) She gives Roark to Wynand instead of trying to break up their friendship.
(b) She attempts to seduce Roark one more time.
(c) She becomes an alcoholic.
(d) She locks herself in her bedroom.

11. Who takes over the Cortlandt Homes project?
(a) Roger Enright.
(b) Ellsworth Toohey.
(c) Dominique Francon.
(d) Gail Wynand.

12. Why does Wynand drop the gun after contemplating suicide?
(a) He needs to get right with God.
(b) He remembers how he drove other people to suicide.
(c) He has no fear of dying but is afraid of living.
(d) He has not made arrangements for someone to inherit.

13. What motivates Dominique to accept Wynand's marriage proposal?
(a) She thinks it is another way to destroy Roark.
(b) It is another means for her own self-punishment.
(c) It is just another accomplishment for her.
(d) She sees that Wynand has more money than Peter.

14. Who works with the board of directors to save the paper?
(a) Scarret.
(b) Mallory.
(c) Toohey.
(d) Dominique.

15. What horrifies Dominique a month after the Wynand house is finished?
(a) Wynand invites Roark to spend the night and he accepts.
(b) Wynand hates the house and wants to move.
(c) Wynand tells Dominique that Roark must never be invited in.
(d) Wynand invites Roark to spend the night and he rejects the invitation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What legal right does Roark maintain gave him the authority to destroy Cortlandt Homes?

2. What condition does Roark place on doing the Cortlandt Homes design?

3. What is the meaning of the name of Wynand's yacht, the "I do"?

4. Why does the new drama critic at the "Banner" promote Ike's new play that everyone says is bad?

5. How did the "Banner" review of the play "No Skin Off Your Nose" affect its success?

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