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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the basic difference between Roark and Wynand?
(a) Wynand wants to possess Dominique; Roark values only his freedom.
(b) Wynand wants to conquer other people; Roark wants to conquer himself.
(c) Roark wants to please everyone; Wynand wants to please only himself.
(d) Wynand came from privilege; Roark came from poverty.

2. Although Wynand actually does love Dominique, what is more important to him in their relationship?
(a) That their marriage is romantic.
(b) The fact that he owns her.
(c) That she is so influential in society.
(d) That she is so different from him.

3. Peter gets the design for "The March of the Centuries" exposition at the World's Fair. Why did Roark turn it down?
(a) It was all donated time without any payment.
(b) It was too much for one man to do.
(c) He did not like the idea of a World's Fair.
(d) He would have to work with other architects.

4. What is the gift Toohey sends to Gail Wynand?
(a) A painting of the Banner building.
(b) A plaque for community service.
(c) The Mallory statue.
(d) A copy of his book.

5. What motivates Dominique to accept Wynand's marriage proposal?
(a) She sees that Wynand has more money than Peter.
(b) It is just another accomplishment for her.
(c) It is another means for her own self-punishment.
(d) She thinks it is another way to destroy Roark.

6. What does Peter discover is the real reason behind Toohey's socialist tirades?
(a) That Toohey plans to take over the world.
(b) That Toohey really wants power.
(c) That Toohey is the only one who can save society.
(d) That Toohey really believes what he says.

7. What brings about the downfall of Peter Keating's business?
(a) Toohey's continued support of Peter.
(b) Peter's desire to find Katie and marry her.
(c) The failure of the World's Fair exhibition.
(d) His partner is sabotaging him like he did to Heyer.

8. How is Gail Wynand able to build the Wynand building after shutting down the "Banner"?
(a) He sells the house Roark built for him and Dominique.
(b) He uses money he had hidden in the Bahamas.
(c) He has just enough of his fortune left to do it.
(d) He sells his yacht.

9. Why does Wynand go often to the building site where Roark is working?
(a) He finds real peace when he goes there.
(b) He cannot remember from day to day what it looks like.
(c) He want to make sure Roark is following orders.
(d) He wants to reassure himself that he made the right choice.

10. How does Dominique continue to punish herself?
(a) She locks herself in her bedroom.
(b) She becomes an alcoholic.
(c) She attempts to seduce Roark one more time.
(d) She gives Roark to Wynand instead of trying to break up their friendship.

11. What does Wynand do with the letter Roark sends him?
(a) Publishes it in the newspaper.
(b) Reads it and throws it away.
(c) Tears it up.
(d) Returns it unopened.

12. What is the main feature of Roark's design for Monadnock Vacation village?
(a) A central shopping area.
(b) Large houses with open spaces around them.
(c) Privacy and uniqueness.
(d) Clusters of closely situated houses.

13. What is the sole evidence the prosecution enters against Roark?
(a) Dominique's testamony that she helped Roark.
(b) The detonator that had Roark's fingerprints on it.
(c) Roark's confession that he blew up Cortlandt Homes.
(d) Peter's testimony and the agreement he had with Roark.

14. How does Toohey make his move to take over the "Banner"?
(a) By leaving quietly after he is fired.
(b) By recalling the paper that had his article in it.
(c) By buying more of the paper's stock.
(d) By writing an article denouncing Roark.

15. How does Toohey get his job back at the "Banner"?
(a) By retracting everything bad he ever said about Roark.
(b) By blackmailing Scarret.
(c) By court order.
(d) By apologizing to Wynand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Peter unhappy in his marriage?

2. What does Roark discover about Cortlandt Homes when he returns for the sailing trip with Wynand?

3. What is the condition for Peter's getting the Stoneridge Homes project?

4. How does Roark define "selflessness"?

5. What does Katie feel for Peter when they meet by accident on the street?

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