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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally defeats Wynand?
(a) Public opinion.
(b) Accepting Toohey back at the paper.
(c) Changing his position on Roark.
(d) Selling off his stock in the paper.

2. What is the main feature of Roark's design for Monadnock Vacation village?
(a) Clusters of closely situated houses.
(b) A central shopping area.
(c) Privacy and uniqueness.
(d) Large houses with open spaces around them.

3. How does Toohey make his move to take over the "Banner"?
(a) By buying more of the paper's stock.
(b) By writing an article denouncing Roark.
(c) By leaving quietly after he is fired.
(d) By recalling the paper that had his article in it.

4. Why is Peter unhappy in his marriage?
(a) Dominique will not talk to him except at parties.
(b) Dominique is compliant and agrees with anything he says.
(c) Dominique still refuses to sleep with him.
(d) Dominique always compares him to Roark.

5. What is the next project Wynand wants Roark to take on?
(a) The Wynand Building in Hell's Kitchen.
(b) A vacation house in the Bahamas.
(c) The city courthouse.
(d) An addition to the Wynand house.

6. Peter gets the design for "The March of the Centuries" exposition at the World's Fair. Why did Roark turn it down?
(a) It was too much for one man to do.
(b) He did not like the idea of a World's Fair.
(c) It was all donated time without any payment.
(d) He would have to work with other architects.

7. How does Toohey react when Wynand forbids any mention of Roark in the "Banner"?
(a) Toohey plans to write a book attacking Roark.
(b) Toohey goes into a rage.
(c) Toohey goes out and gets drunk.
(d) Toohey smiles.

8. After looking at the Cortlandt Homes designs, who recognizes immediately that they were drawn by Roark?
(a) Mallory and Enright
(b) Wynand and Dominique
(c) Francon and Katie
(d) Toohey and Scarret

9. What condition does Roark place on doing the Cortlandt Homes design?
(a) Nothing can be changed on it.
(b) Peter will have to oversee the construction personally.
(c) Toohey must agree to Roark's involvement.
(d) No one can see the designs until the project is finished.

10. What finally persuades Wynand to meet Dominique?
(a) He thinks Toohey will not give him the sculpture if he does not agree to meet her.
(b) He learns that Dominique is married.
(c) Toohey threatens to resign if he will not meet with her.
(d) He wants to meet the model for the statue.

11. Why does Wynand go often to the building site where Roark is working?
(a) He cannot remember from day to day what it looks like.
(b) He wants to reassure himself that he made the right choice.
(c) He finds real peace when he goes there.
(d) He want to make sure Roark is following orders.

12. How is Gail Wynand able to build the Wynand building after shutting down the "Banner"?
(a) He uses money he had hidden in the Bahamas.
(b) He sells his yacht.
(c) He has just enough of his fortune left to do it.
(d) He sells the house Roark built for him and Dominique.

13. How does Wynand react when he discovers that Dominique helped Roark destroy Cortlandt Homes?
(a) He becomes intently jealous.
(b) He approves.
(c) He writes editorials condemning Roark.
(d) He threatens to expose them.

14. What is the sole evidence the prosecution enters against Roark?
(a) Roark's confession that he blew up Cortlandt Homes.
(b) Peter's testimony and the agreement he had with Roark.
(c) Dominique's testamony that she helped Roark.
(d) The detonator that had Roark's fingerprints on it.

15. Why does the new drama critic at the "Banner" promote Ike's new play that everyone says is bad?
(a) He wants people to think it is good because he said so.
(b) He really knows nothing about being a drama critic.
(c) He wants to make Toohey look stupid.
(d) He feels sorry for Ike and wants to help him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes of Toohey?

2. Where does Toohey insist that true freedom is found?

3. What does Toohey demand be done with Roark?

4. After blowing up the Cortlandt Homes housing project, what does Roark do?

5. What happens when a "Banner" reporter interviews Dominique?

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