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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Wynand go often to the building site where Roark is working?
(a) He want to make sure Roark is following orders.
(b) He cannot remember from day to day what it looks like.
(c) He finds real peace when he goes there.
(d) He wants to reassure himself that he made the right choice.

2. Who takes over the Cortlandt Homes project?
(a) Ellsworth Toohey.
(b) Roger Enright.
(c) Dominique Francon.
(d) Gail Wynand.

3. What is Roark's reaction to Peter's request that he design the Cortlandt Homes project for low rent housing?
(a) Roark agrees to do it if Peter puts Roark's name on it.
(b) Roark agrees to do it and let Peter put his name on it.
(c) Roark flatly refuses Peter this time.
(d) Roark goes out and gets the contract for himself.

4. Why does Wynand drop the gun after contemplating suicide?
(a) He has not made arrangements for someone to inherit.
(b) He needs to get right with God.
(c) He remembers how he drove other people to suicide.
(d) He has no fear of dying but is afraid of living.

5. What condition does Roark place on doing the Cortlandt Homes design?
(a) Nothing can be changed on it.
(b) Toohey must agree to Roark's involvement.
(c) No one can see the designs until the project is finished.
(d) Peter will have to oversee the construction personally.

6. How does Dominique continue to punish herself?
(a) She locks herself in her bedroom.
(b) She attempts to seduce Roark one more time.
(c) She gives Roark to Wynand instead of trying to break up their friendship.
(d) She becomes an alcoholic.

7. When Dominique and Wynand return early from their cruise, what is Peter's concern?
(a) That he will not get his commission.
(b) That Toohey has done something to destroy him.
(c) That Dominique will not divorce him.
(d) That they will go on another cruise.

8. After looking at the Cortlandt Homes designs, who recognizes immediately that they were drawn by Roark?
(a) Mallory and Enright
(b) Toohey and Scarret
(c) Francon and Katie
(d) Wynand and Dominique

9. How does Dominique compare the success of Ike's play with the destruction of Roark's temple?
(a) She thinks they were unaffected by the newspaper.
(b) She thinks the paper dealt fairly with both issues.
(c) She says they were both great achievements of the Banner.
(d) She thinks the play is more important than the temple.

10. What does Katie feel for Peter when they meet by accident on the street?
(a) Anger.
(b) Hope.
(c) Desire.
(d) Nothing.

11. How do we know that Wynand is not always aware of what his newspaper prints?
(a) He asks for all the articles on Roark after his visit.
(b) He trusts his writers to write with integrity.
(c) He never comes in to the newspaper office.
(d) He has to ask Dominique who Roark is.

12. How does Toohey get his job back at the "Banner"?
(a) By retracting everything bad he ever said about Roark.
(b) By court order.
(c) By apologizing to Wynand.
(d) By blackmailing Scarret.

13. What is the basic difference between Roark and Wynand?
(a) Wynand wants to possess Dominique; Roark values only his freedom.
(b) Wynand wants to conquer other people; Roark wants to conquer himself.
(c) Wynand came from privilege; Roark came from poverty.
(d) Roark wants to please everyone; Wynand wants to please only himself.

14. What underhanded trick do the Aquitania Hotel developers play that backfires on them?
(a) Refusing to pay Roark when the project was late being finished.
(b) Hiring Roark so that everyone would think he was responsible for the bankruptcy.
(c) Knowing they were going backrupt, they sold properties anyway.
(d) Over-selling the properties by 200% in the hopes they would go bankrupt.

15. How does Toohey make his move to take over the "Banner"?
(a) By leaving quietly after he is fired.
(b) By buying more of the paper's stock.
(c) By writing an article denouncing Roark.
(d) By recalling the paper that had his article in it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Toohey begins to promote architecture that is stark and plain. Who gets the credit for the concept?

2. Why are Toohey and Scarret worried about the marriage of Dominique and Wynand?

3. What legal right does Roark maintain gave him the authority to destroy Cortlandt Homes?

4. What common trait in both Wynand and Roark does Dominique notice?

5. What happens when a "Banner" reporter interviews Dominique?

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