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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dominique compare the success of Ike's play with the destruction of Roark's temple?
(a) She thinks the play is more important than the temple.
(b) She thinks they were unaffected by the newspaper.
(c) She thinks the paper dealt fairly with both issues.
(d) She says they were both great achievements of the Banner.

2. Why does Wynand drop the gun after contemplating suicide?
(a) He needs to get right with God.
(b) He has no fear of dying but is afraid of living.
(c) He remembers how he drove other people to suicide.
(d) He has not made arrangements for someone to inherit.

3. How does Wynand react when he discovers that Dominique helped Roark destroy Cortlandt Homes?
(a) He becomes intently jealous.
(b) He writes editorials condemning Roark.
(c) He threatens to expose them.
(d) He approves.

4. How does Dominique discover that Roark will be the architect for her new house?
(a) She reads about it in the newspaper.
(b) She recognizes his style when she sees the drawings.
(c) She has a dream that tells her Roark will re-enter her life.
(d) Toohey calls to tell her.

5. Why are Toohey and Scarret worried about the marriage of Dominique and Wynand?
(a) They think Dominique is making a personal mistake.
(b) They fear that Dominique will make changes in the paper.
(c) They think Dominique plans to get them fired.
(d) They think Wynand will be around more after the marriage.

6. What causes Wynand to lose respect for integrity?
(a) He decides that only crime pays.
(b) He does not lose respect for integrity. He always insists that all reporters tell the truth.
(c) He discovers that writers often do not believe their own words.
(d) He knows that he cannot be honest with anyone.

7. In his own defense, how does Roark contrast himself as a creator with those who preach selflessness?
(a) He says selflessness encourages creativity as a group effort.
(b) He sees that he cannot win and throws himself on the mercy of the court.
(c) He says his position is wrong and he is sorry.
(d) He says a creator's work pushes man forward while the others are parasites.

8. Who comes to help Wynand when the union strikes and there is no staff at the newspaper?
(a) Dominique.
(b) Peter.
(c) Roark.
(d) Toohey.

9. Why does the new drama critic at the "Banner" promote Ike's new play that everyone says is bad?
(a) He wants people to think it is good because he said so.
(b) He wants to make Toohey look stupid.
(c) He really knows nothing about being a drama critic.
(d) He feels sorry for Ike and wants to help him.

10. What becomes of Gail Wynand?
(a) He sees himself as dead and the Wynand building as his memorial marker.
(b) He sets fire to his house and dies in the flames.
(c) He jumps from the top of the Wynand building.
(d) He goes to sea and is lost.

11. What is it that Peter does not understand, has never understood, about Roark?
(a) That Roark just wants to be controversial and difficult.
(b) That Roark always holds out for more money.
(c) That Roark is as much a fake as he is.
(d) That Roark's finished work is the only thing important to him.

12. Peter gets the design for "The March of the Centuries" exposition at the World's Fair. Why did Roark turn it down?
(a) It was all donated time without any payment.
(b) He did not like the idea of a World's Fair.
(c) He would have to work with other architects.
(d) It was too much for one man to do.

13. Why does Toohey tell a policeman to arrest him?
(a) To protect the guilty.
(b) To protect the innocent.
(c) So he can get the publicity.
(d) To keep him from murdering Wynand.

14. What finally defeats Wynand?
(a) Changing his position on Roark.
(b) Selling off his stock in the paper.
(c) Accepting Toohey back at the paper.
(d) Public opinion.

15. Peter returns to his first love. What is that?
(a) Writing short stories.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Painting.
(d) Ballroom dancing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Toohey get his job back at the "Banner"?

2. What do Roark and Wynand agree on as they look at the land Wynand bought for his house?

3. What finally persuades Wynand to meet Dominique?

4. On her way to Reno, why does Dominique stop over in Clayton, Ohio?

5. What gives evidence that Toohey intends to take over the "Banner"?

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