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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dominique think her private relationship with Roark gives her when they meet in public?
(a) Fear that he will say something
(b) Power to control him
(c) A serious heatbreak
(d) A big laugh

2. How is it clear that Peter knows Dominique is in love with another man?
(a) He accuses her of loving Howard Roark.
(b) She refuses to sleep with him.
(c) He asks her who it is.
(d) She refuses to move into his apartment.

3. Where does Peter finally get to meet Dominique?
(a) At a rally where Ellsworth Toohey is speaking
(b) In her father's office
(c) At the opening of his latest building
(d) At a party given by Kiki Holcombe

4. Why does Roark agree to go to the Holcombe party?
(a) He knows Dominique will be there.
(b) He wants to reject working for Holcombe.
(c) He respects Peter and Toohey so much.
(d) He has not eaten in several days.

5. When Peter hears that Toohey has been shot, what is his first concern?
(a) That Katie will not marry him after that.
(b) That Toohey's favorable article about him might not get published.
(c) That Toohey will think Peter was the one who tried to kill him.
(d) That Roark finally snapped after Toohey's attacks on his buildings.

6. How is Dominique disappointed in her relationship with Roark?
(a) She plans to stop seeing him.
(b) She wants to change and be supportive of his work.
(c) She thinks it is too easy to control Roark.
(d) She feels that he has gained power over her.

7. What is Lois Cook's criteria for her new house?
(a) It must have at least three floors.
(b) It must look like an Italian palace.
(c) It must be ugly and defy popular ideas of beauty.
(d) It must be the most beautiful house in New York.

8. What does Peter do with his "world's most beautiful building" contest design?
(a) He tells Toohey which one is his.
(b) He takes it to Roark for improvement.
(c) He asks Dominique to give him her suggestions.
(d) He reminds the Stanton professor that he graduated from there.

9. What do people say about Roark's work after the opening of the Enright house?
(a) It is cold and inhuman.
(b) It is a work of genius.
(c) It is an improvement over the classical style.
(d) It is the new direction all architecture will follow.

10. After Sutton hired Roark, he subsequently fired him. What reason did he give Roark?
(a) That Peter will bring him more publicity.
(b) That Enright says Roark is too expensive.
(c) That Dominique convinced him to hire Peter instead.
(d) That Roark did not design the building they agreed on.

11. What event marked the beginning of Roark's own architecture firm?
(a) Heller's check written out to Howard Roark, Architect.
(b) Snyte offering him a full partnership.
(c) The death of Henry Cameron.
(d) When Peter secretly put up the money.

12. Although Stoddard wins the lawsuit against Roark, what happens to Dominique?
(a) Toohey offers her a job as his researcher.
(b) She gets a bonus for testifying against Roark.
(c) Wynand promotes her to assistant editor.
(d) Wynand fires her.

13. What is the chief reaction of the public to Stoddard's temple?
(a) They think it is a new religion.
(b) They praise its originality.
(c) They like the building but hate the statue.
(d) They call it blasphemy.

14. What was the result of Dominique's articles on the slums?
(a) Waynand refuses to buy the slums.
(b) The landlords lower the rent on the slums.
(c) The landlords sell the slums.
(d) Dominique gets a new job in slum welfare.

15. What does Jimmy Gowans want Roark to design and build for him?
(a) A house like Heller's
(b) A hotel
(c) An office building
(d) A gas station

Short Answer Questions

1. What indicates that Katie is disillusioned with "selflessness"?

2. What does Peter learn from Francon?

3. What are Roark's criteria for designing a new building?

4. What event prevents Peter from marrying Katie?

5. Why does the Dean consider Roark to be insubordinate?

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