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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Roark expelled from the Architectural School of the Stanton Institute of Technology?
(a) He copies the work of other students.
(b) He misses too many lectures.
(c) His designs do not conform to the classical style.
(d) He really has no talent as an architect.

2. What best describes Peter's proposal to Katie?
(a) It is lukewarm and emotionless.
(b) It is his only way to get close to Ellsworth Toomey.
(c) It is romantic and exciting.
(d) It is to get back at Dominique Francon.

3. Why is Dominique disappointed when she verifies that Roark is reading her articles?
(a) He becomes more violent when they meet.
(b) He uses them for the coffee grounds in the office.
(c) They do not seem to hurt him like she wants.
(d) He has marked out many of the sentences.

4. What is the real meaning behind Dominique's critique on the Enright house?
(a) She writes that it should be copied by other architects.
(b) She says that it is a ridiculous looking structure.
(c) She thinks the houses near it make it look all that much worse.
(d) She is subtly saying that it is a work of genius.

5. Why does Peter want Roark to abandon his plan to open his own firm?
(a) Peter thinks Roark will no longer have time to help him with his designs.
(b) Peter knows the value of Roark's work and fears the competition.
(c) Peter knows that Roark will fail and wants to save him.
(d) Peter really wants to be partners with Roark.

6. What did Toohey think was a "cosmic joke?"
(a) That Peter does not understand Lois Cook.
(b) That Lois Cook decides to take her job to Roark.
(c) That Peter rejects Katie for Lois Cook.
(d) That Peter turns down designing Lois Cook's house.

7. What does Dominique think her private relationship with Roark gives her when they meet in public?
(a) Fear that he will say something
(b) A big laugh
(c) Power to control him
(d) A serious heatbreak

8. What comment does Roark make to Dominique about his work in the Quarry?
(a) It is the only thing he knows how to do.
(b) It is exciting.
(c) It is exhausting.
(d) It helps build up his body.

9. Who actually does the designs for Francon and Heyer?
(a) Francon
(b) Kitteridge
(c) Stengel
(d) Roark

10. What event in Toohey's childhood marks the beginning of his conflict with the bright and the beautiful?
(a) He makes fun of his parents.
(b) He took candy to do other students' homework.
(c) He only attends parties of popular students.
(d) He sprays water on Johnny Stokes' new suit.

11. What is Roark's attitude after being expelled from school?
(a) He thinks he was wrong to criticize the classical style.
(b) He is ashamed of himself for being so stupid.
(c) He thinks being an architect will be more difficult but not impossible.
(d) He believes he will never be an architect.

12. What indicates that Katie is disillusioned with "selflessness"?
(a) She wants to be more like her uncle and give speeches.
(b) She thinks her work is why Peter has not married her yet.
(c) She only does social work because she fears Ellsworth.
(d) She is unhappy doing social work.

13. Francon and Toomey agree about architecture for what reason?
(a) They are both socialists.
(b) They both predict radical changes in how buildings are built.
(c) They both see architecture as having certain bounds and limitations.
(d) They both believe in capitalism.

14. What happens to the temple that is now a home for "subnormal children"?
(a) It is left just the way Roark designed it.
(b) Many architects make additions and changes to it.
(c) It is torn down and rebuilt.
(d) It is hidden by vines and trees.

15. Where does Peter finally get to meet Dominique?
(a) At a rally where Ellsworth Toohey is speaking
(b) At a party given by Kiki Holcombe
(c) At the opening of his latest building
(d) In her father's office

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Peter learn from Francon?

2. When the Heller house is finished, how is it received?

3. Who takes a shot at Ellsworth Toohey?

4. What happens when Roark and Dominique meet up at the Holcombe party?

5. How does Peter Keating get rid of Claude Stengle?

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