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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dominique get her information to write an article about the slums?
(a) She has a photographer go and take pictures of the slums.
(b) She goes to live in the slums.
(c) She confronts the owners of the slums.
(d) She interviews people who once lived in the slums.

2. How is it clear that Peter knows Dominique is in love with another man?
(a) She refuses to sleep with him.
(b) He asks her who it is.
(c) He accuses her of loving Howard Roark.
(d) She refuses to move into his apartment.

3. What does Jimmy Gowans want Roark to design and build for him?
(a) A hotel
(b) A house like Heller's
(c) An office building
(d) A gas station

4. What does Peter do with his "world's most beautiful building" contest design?
(a) He tells Toohey which one is his.
(b) He asks Dominique to give him her suggestions.
(c) He takes it to Roark for improvement.
(d) He reminds the Stanton professor that he graduated from there.

5. What infuriates Dominique about the replacement fireplace?
(a) Roark sends another workman to install it.
(b) It does not blend in with the architecture of the house.
(c) It is ugly.
(d) It has obscene carvings on it.

6. Why is Roark fired from the Snyte firm?
(a) Roark's design for the Heller house was defective.
(b) He removed the work other architects added to his design for Austen Heller.
(c) Austen Heller refused to allow Roark to design his house.
(d) He refused to work with Austen Heller.

7. What does Toohey call the "Unfinished Symphony"?
(a) The Cosmo-Slotnik building.
(b) Mallory's career as a sculptor.
(c) The Aquitania Hotel project.
(d) His plan to destroy Roark.

8. Why is Roark expelled from the Architectural School of the Stanton Institute of Technology?
(a) He really has no talent as an architect.
(b) His designs do not conform to the classical style.
(c) He misses too many lectures.
(d) He copies the work of other students.

9. What does Peter tell Toohey about Roark.
(a) He denies knowing Roark.
(b) He tells Toohey to mind his own business.
(c) He says that Roark helps him with many of his designs.
(d) He tells him that Roark was kicked out of school.

10. What does Dominique want to do to Roark?
(a) She wants to make him a star.
(b) She wants to marry him.
(c) She wants to destroy him as an architect.
(d) She wants to make him apologize for raping her.

11. When the Heller house is finished, how is it received?
(a) Everyone now wants houses designed by Roark.
(b) It gets rave reviews from Ellsworth Toohey.
(c) It is either ignored or ridiculed.
(d) Peter Keating wants to design houses just like it.

12. Unable to get work as an architect, what does Roark do to earn a living?
(a) He takes a job as a short order cook.
(b) He gets a job at the bank.
(c) He decides to marry a wealthy widow.
(d) He goes to work for Mike in a quarry.

13. What is the socialist theme of Toomey's book, "Sermons in Stone"?
(a) That architecture has nothing to do with culture or the environment.
(b) That buildings should be functional as well as beautiful.
(c) That only brilliant minds can design buildings.
(d) That architecture should be about what people want.

14. How does Peter Keating get rid of Claude Stengle?
(a) By rigging an elevator accident
(b) By convincing Francon that Stengle is stealing clients
(c) By becoming his best friend
(d) By claiming that Stengle copies his designs

15. Before his death, what warning does Cameron give Roark?
(a) He warns against the power of Wynand's newspaper.
(b) He warns against marrying Dominique.
(c) He warns against going against public tastes.
(d) He warns against trusting Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dominique react when Toohey accuses her of being in love with Roark?

2. What event prevents Peter from marrying Katie?

3. How does Dominique feel about Roark in Connecticut?

4. What comment does Roark make to Dominique about his work in the Quarry?

5. What is the chief reaction of the public to Stoddard's temple?

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