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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the Sanford house after it was completed?
(a) It got high praise from the Architect's Guild of America.
(b) It became the standard for all other new homes.
(c) Mrs. Sanford changed it to look like other houses.
(d) Mrs. Sanford refused to live in it.

2. In what way is Peter Keating better equipped for getting new commissions than Roark?
(a) Peter has better social skills.
(b) Roark's fancy office makes people think he is too expensive.
(c) Roark has too many social obligations.
(d) Peter is actually a better architect.

3. What does Peter think of Roark's design for the Enright house?
(a) He thinks his next house will look like that.
(b) He thinks it is Roark's greatest work.
(c) He thinks it does not look like a building.
(d) He thinks Enright will reward Roark.

4. Where does Peter finally get to meet Dominique?
(a) In her father's office
(b) At the opening of his latest building
(c) At a rally where Ellsworth Toohey is speaking
(d) At a party given by Kiki Holcombe

5. What does Toohey say about himself that other people think he is joking about?
(a) He says that only he knows how to design buildings.
(b) He says that he is a dangerous man.
(c) He says that he is not a humanitarian.
(d) He says that he really does not understand architecture.

6. What does Peter learn from Francon?
(a) How to improve his designs
(b) The need to avoid Ellsworth Toomey
(c) The social skills needed for success
(d) How to become an independent thinker

7. What indicates that Katie is disillusioned with "selflessness"?
(a) She wants to be more like her uncle and give speeches.
(b) She is unhappy doing social work.
(c) She thinks her work is why Peter has not married her yet.
(d) She only does social work because she fears Ellsworth.

8. Why does Roark find himself unable to get a job?
(a) He is seen as a lacky for Francon and Heyer.
(b) He is supported by Gordon Prescott, a hated journalist.
(c) His performance at school was too exceptional.
(d) He has a public reputation for failure.

9. What is Lois Cook's criteria for her new house?
(a) It must be ugly and defy popular ideas of beauty.
(b) It must have at least three floors.
(c) It must look like an Italian palace.
(d) It must be the most beautiful house in New York.

10. What does Toohey write in his column about the Enright house?
(a) Again he attacks Roark as revolutionary.
(b) Nothing. He refuses to mention it.
(c) He says that Roark is insane.
(d) He writes that the house is like a box.

11. What brings about the downfall of Henry Cameron?
(a) The structural weaknesses of his designs
(b) The Columbian Exposition of Chicago
(c) His alcoholism
(d) His lack of social graces

12. Why does Henry Cameron retire?
(a) He has enough money to live on for the rest of his life.
(b) He loses the use of his eyes.
(c) His business is a failure.
(d) He thinks Roark is taking business from him.

13. What event in Toohey's childhood marks the beginning of his conflict with the bright and the beautiful?
(a) He sprays water on Johnny Stokes' new suit.
(b) He makes fun of his parents.
(c) He only attends parties of popular students.
(d) He took candy to do other students' homework.

14. What does Dominique want to do to Roark?
(a) She wants to marry him.
(b) She wants to make him apologize for raping her.
(c) She wants to make him a star.
(d) She wants to destroy him as an architect.

15. How does Dominique get her information to write an article about the slums?
(a) She has a photographer go and take pictures of the slums.
(b) She confronts the owners of the slums.
(c) She goes to live in the slums.
(d) She interviews people who once lived in the slums.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Francon contact Roark on the design of a new building?

2. Francon and Toomey agree about architecture for what reason?

3. Why does the Dean consider Roark to be insubordinate?

4. What happens to the sculptor Mallory?

5. What does Dominique think her private relationship with Roark gives her when they meet in public?

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