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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What spoils Peter's joy at winning the "most beautiful building" contest?
(a) People think the contest was rigged.
(b) Roark demands money from Peter for the work he did.
(c) He does not really like the design.
(d) He knows that it was Roark's work that helped him win.

2. What indicates that John Eric Snyte regretted firing Roark?
(a) He tries to lure him back into his firm with an offer of more money.
(b) He now believes that Roark will become the greatest architect of the day.
(c) He believes he can control Roark if he is working for Snyte's firm.
(d) He wants to please Austen Heller who likes Roark.

3. How do the newspapers treat Henry Cameron's retirement?
(a) They devote a full page to his achievements.
(b) They make no mention of his retirement at all.
(c) They honor him as the premiere architect of all time.
(d) They give it little space and misspell the names of his buildings.

4. What was the result of Dominique's articles on the slums?
(a) Waynand refuses to buy the slums.
(b) The landlords lower the rent on the slums.
(c) Dominique gets a new job in slum welfare.
(d) The landlords sell the slums.

5. In what way is Peter Keating better equipped for getting new commissions than Roark?
(a) Peter has better social skills.
(b) Roark's fancy office makes people think he is too expensive.
(c) Peter is actually a better architect.
(d) Roark has too many social obligations.

6. What does Peter think of Roark's design for the Enright house?
(a) He thinks it is Roark's greatest work.
(b) He thinks his next house will look like that.
(c) He thinks it does not look like a building.
(d) He thinks Enright will reward Roark.

7. Why is the opening of the temple canceled?
(a) It is postponed because there needs to be more publicity.
(b) Stoddard is horrified at the design.
(c) Toohey is not ready to destroy Roark.
(d) Mallory has not finished the stature.

8. Why is it difficult for Peter Keating to decide what to do after graduation?
(a) He understands that people do not really like him.
(b) His mother wants him to accept a scholarship in Paris.
(c) He knows he is a better architect than Roark.
(d) He is torn between his own desires and what others think he should do.

9. What happens to the temple that is now a home for "subnormal children"?
(a) It is torn down and rebuilt.
(b) It is left just the way Roark designed it.
(c) Many architects make additions and changes to it.
(d) It is hidden by vines and trees.

10. What did Toohey think was a "cosmic joke?"
(a) That Peter rejects Katie for Lois Cook.
(b) That Lois Cook decides to take her job to Roark.
(c) That Peter turns down designing Lois Cook's house.
(d) That Peter does not understand Lois Cook.

11. What does Toohey say about himself that other people think he is joking about?
(a) He says that only he knows how to design buildings.
(b) He says that he really does not understand architecture.
(c) He says that he is not a humanitarian.
(d) He says that he is a dangerous man.

12. At the firm of John Eric Snyte, what type of building design is assigned to Roark?
(a) Modern
(b) Colonial
(c) Classical
(d) Renaissance

13. What stands in the way of Peter's becoming a full partner with Francon?
(a) Heyer prefers one of the other draftsmen.
(b) Katie threatens to tell Dominique that she is engaged to Peter.
(c) Francon wants Perer to marry Dominique first.
(d) Lucius Heyer refuses to retire.

14. Why is Dominique disappointed when she verifies that Roark is reading her articles?
(a) He uses them for the coffee grounds in the office.
(b) He becomes more violent when they meet.
(c) He has marked out many of the sentences.
(d) They do not seem to hurt him like she wants.

15. How does Peter go about getting rid of Heyer?
(a) He confronts him with a shady business deal Heyer once made.
(b) He plays up his friendship with the old man.
(c) He informs Francon that Heyer is embezzling from the company.
(d) He puts medication in Heyer's coffee that causes him to have a stroke.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dominique get her information to write an article about the slums?

2. Who actually does the designs for Francon and Heyer?

3. Why does Peter Keating offer to do Davis' work after hours?

4. What does Roark do to help Peter?

5. What brings about the downfall of Henry Cameron?

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