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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 8 | Part 4, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Peter want Roark to abandon his plan to open his own firm?
(a) Peter really wants to be partners with Roark.
(b) Peter knows that Roark will fail and wants to save him.
(c) Peter thinks Roark will no longer have time to help him with his designs.
(d) Peter knows the value of Roark's work and fears the competition.

2. What does Toohey say about himself that other people think he is joking about?
(a) He says that he really does not understand architecture.
(b) He says that he is a dangerous man.
(c) He says that he is not a humanitarian.
(d) He says that only he knows how to design buildings.

3. How does Dominique get her information to write an article about the slums?
(a) She has a photographer go and take pictures of the slums.
(b) She goes to live in the slums.
(c) She confronts the owners of the slums.
(d) She interviews people who once lived in the slums.

4. What event marked the beginning of Roark's own architecture firm?
(a) Snyte offering him a full partnership.
(b) When Peter secretly put up the money.
(c) The death of Henry Cameron.
(d) Heller's check written out to Howard Roark, Architect.

5. How does Toohey get offered a job as a Banner columnist?
(a) He publishes his book.
(b) He threatens to organize a workers' strike.
(c) He offers to work for free.
(d) He is recommended by Francon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the only person to see through Dominique's constant criticism of Roark's work in her column?

2. Why does the Dean consider Roark to be insubordinate?

3. Why is Peter unhappy in his marriage?

4. What happens when Roark and Dominique meet up at the Holcombe party?

5. What common trait in both Wynand and Roark does Dominique notice?

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