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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 8 | Part 4, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Roark's attitude after being expelled from school?
(a) He is ashamed of himself for being so stupid.
(b) He thinks he was wrong to criticize the classical style.
(c) He thinks being an architect will be more difficult but not impossible.
(d) He believes he will never be an architect.

2. What does Toohey call the "Unfinished Symphony"?
(a) The Aquitania Hotel project.
(b) His plan to destroy Roark.
(c) Mallory's career as a sculptor.
(d) The Cosmo-Slotnik building.

3. Who is the only person to see through Dominique's constant criticism of Roark's work in her column?
(a) Waynand
(b) Ellsworth Toohey
(c) Katie
(d) Peter Keating

4. Although Stoddard wins the lawsuit against Roark, what happens to Dominique?
(a) She gets a bonus for testifying against Roark.
(b) Toohey offers her a job as his researcher.
(c) Wynand fires her.
(d) Wynand promotes her to assistant editor.

5. What do Gail Wynand and Dominique discuss when they go sailing?
(a) Philosophy
(b) Politics
(c) Religion
(d) The weather

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Peter think of Roark's design for the Enright house?

2. What are Roark's criteria for designing a new building?

3. What is Lois Cook's criteria for her new house?

4. How does Toohey get offered a job as a Banner columnist?

5. How was Roark able to reopen his architecture business?

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