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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 8 | Part 4, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Dominique returns from Reno, where are she and Wynand married?
(a) At city hall.
(b) In the Banner building.
(c) On board Wynand's yacht.
(d) At the Noyes-Belmont Hotel.

2. What event in Toohey's childhood marks the beginning of his conflict with the bright and the beautiful?
(a) He makes fun of his parents.
(b) He sprays water on Johnny Stokes' new suit.
(c) He took candy to do other students' homework.
(d) He only attends parties of popular students.

3. What indicates that Katie is disillusioned with "selflessness"?
(a) She wants to be more like her uncle and give speeches.
(b) She only does social work because she fears Ellsworth.
(c) She thinks her work is why Peter has not married her yet.
(d) She is unhappy doing social work.

4. What event marked the beginning of Roark's own architecture firm?
(a) When Peter secretly put up the money.
(b) The death of Henry Cameron.
(c) Heller's check written out to Howard Roark, Architect.
(d) Snyte offering him a full partnership.

5. Where does Toohey insist that true freedom is found?
(a) In service to others.
(b) On a mountaintop.
(c) In political activism.
(d) On a deserted island.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Stoddard wins the lawsuit against Roark, what happens to Dominique?

2. How does Dominique compare the success of Ike's play with the destruction of Roark's temple?

3. Why does the Dean consider Roark to be insubordinate?

4. What horrifies Dominique a month after the Wynand house is finished?

5. What do Roark and Wynand agree on as they look at the land Wynand bought for his house?

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