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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 10 | Part 2, Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter learn from Francon?
(a) The social skills needed for success
(b) How to improve his designs
(c) The need to avoid Ellsworth Toomey
(d) How to become an independent thinker

2. What was the result of Dominique's articles on the slums?
(a) Waynand refuses to buy the slums.
(b) Dominique gets a new job in slum welfare.
(c) The landlords lower the rent on the slums.
(d) The landlords sell the slums.

3. How does Dominique feel about Roark in Connecticut?
(a) She is both attracted to him and repelled by him.
(b) She thinks he is conceited because of his muscular body.
(c) He makes her want to return to the city.
(d) She thinks that letting him stare at her gives her power over him.

4. Why does Peter Keating offer to do Davis' work after hours?
(a) Peter has nothing better to do.
(b) It gives him a chance to learn more about design.
(c) Peter is always thinking of others more than himself.
(d) It is his plan to replace Davis as chief draftsman.

5. Why does Katie show up at the apartment of Peter and his mother?
(a) She had a sudden fear that something was wrong.
(b) She was overly fond of Peter's mother.
(c) She wanted to break her engagement to Peter.
(d) She wants to warn Peter about Dominique.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the socialist theme of Toomey's book, "Sermons in Stone"?

2. Why does Henry Cameron retire?

3. How does Peter go about getting rid of Heyer?

4. Why is it difficult for Peter Keating to decide what to do after graduation?

5. Why does Cameron eventually hire Roark?

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