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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 6 | Part 2, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Roark return to New York?
(a) Roger Enright wants him to design his new house.
(b) Roark and Mike have a disagreement over Dominique.
(c) The quarry runs out of usable stone.
(d) Roark fears Dominique may charge him with rape.

2. How was Roark able to reopen his architecture business?
(a) Peter loaned him the money.
(b) He inherited money from Heyer.
(c) Dominique secretly supported him.
(d) He got the Enright contract.

3. What is the real meaning behind Dominique's critique on the Enright house?
(a) She writes that it should be copied by other architects.
(b) She thinks the houses near it make it look all that much worse.
(c) She says that it is a ridiculous looking structure.
(d) She is subtly saying that it is a work of genius.

4. When Peter feels the stress of the strike, where does he go with Katie?
(a) To hear a speech by Ellsworth Toohey
(b) To walk in the park
(c) To his apartment
(d) To help pass out leaflets

5. What does Dominique want to do to Roark?
(a) She wants to make him apologize for raping her.
(b) She wants to marry him.
(c) She wants to make him a star.
(d) She wants to destroy him as an architect.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Roark and the electrician, Mike, become great friends?

2. After Sutton hired Roark, he subsequently fired him. What reason did he give Roark?

3. What is Lois Cook's criteria for her new house?

4. How does Peter go about getting rid of Heyer?

5. What stands in the way of Peter's becoming a full partner with Francon?

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