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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 6 | Part 2, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What infuriates Dominique about the replacement fireplace?
(a) It has obscene carvings on it.
(b) It does not blend in with the architecture of the house.
(c) Roark sends another workman to install it.
(d) It is ugly.

2. What did Toohey think was a "cosmic joke?"
(a) That Peter rejects Katie for Lois Cook.
(b) That Peter does not understand Lois Cook.
(c) That Lois Cook decides to take her job to Roark.
(d) That Peter turns down designing Lois Cook's house.

3. What event marked the beginning of Roark's own architecture firm?
(a) Snyte offering him a full partnership.
(b) The death of Henry Cameron.
(c) Heller's check written out to Howard Roark, Architect.
(d) When Peter secretly put up the money.

4. Before his death, what warning does Cameron give Roark?
(a) He warns against the power of Wynand's newspaper.
(b) He warns against marrying Dominique.
(c) He warns against going against public tastes.
(d) He warns against trusting Peter.

5. How does Peter Keating get rid of Claude Stengle?
(a) By convincing Francon that Stengle is stealing clients
(b) By rigging an elevator accident
(c) By claiming that Stengle copies his designs
(d) By becoming his best friend

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry Cameron retire?

2. Why does Cameron eventually hire Roark?

3. Who takes a shot at Ellsworth Toohey?

4. How was Roark able to reopen his architecture business?

5. What does Jimmy Gowans want Roark to design and build for him?

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