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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 18 | Part 4, Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter discover is the real reason behind Toohey's socialist tirades?
(a) That Toohey really wants power.
(b) That Toohey plans to take over the world.
(c) That Toohey is the only one who can save society.
(d) That Toohey really believes what he says.

2. What is Roark's philosophy about designing a building?
(a) He thinks buildings should not be pleasing to the eye.
(b) He thinks buildings should be shocking to the public.
(c) He believes the design should grow out of the purpose for the building.
(d) He believes his ideas should come from great architects of the past.

3. Why does Dominique agree to testify against Roark when he is sued by Stoddard?
(a) She secretly wants to protect him from the pain of rejection.
(b) She thinks this will finally give her the upper hand in their relationship.
(c) She is blackmailed to do so by Toohey.
(d) She wants the publicity as the model for Mallory's statue.

4. Why does the new drama critic at the "Banner" promote Ike's new play that everyone says is bad?
(a) He wants to make Toohey look stupid.
(b) He really knows nothing about being a drama critic.
(c) He feels sorry for Ike and wants to help him.
(d) He wants people to think it is good because he said so.

5. How did the "Banner" review of the play "No Skin Off Your Nose" affect its success?
(a) The public pans the play.
(b) It wins the Pulitzer Prize for drama.
(c) It closes right after opening.
(d) It became a smash hit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Roark hire Mallory to make the sculpture for the temple he is building?

2. Why is Peter unhappy in his marriage?

3. What special honor does Wynand give to Dominique?

4. Why is Roark dissatisfied at the Snyte firm?

5. How does Dominique feel about Roark in Connecticut?

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