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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 10 | Part 4, Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Roark's reaction to Peter's request that he design the Cortlandt Homes project for low rent housing?
(a) Roark agrees to do it if Peter puts Roark's name on it.
(b) Roark agrees to do it and let Peter put his name on it.
(c) Roark flatly refuses Peter this time.
(d) Roark goes out and gets the contract for himself.

2. What does Peter think of Roark's design for the Enright house?
(a) He thinks it is Roark's greatest work.
(b) He thinks it does not look like a building.
(c) He thinks Enright will reward Roark.
(d) He thinks his next house will look like that.

3. What does Peter do with his "world's most beautiful building" contest design?
(a) He tells Toohey which one is his.
(b) He takes it to Roark for improvement.
(c) He reminds the Stanton professor that he graduated from there.
(d) He asks Dominique to give him her suggestions.

4. How did the "Banner" review of the play "No Skin Off Your Nose" affect its success?
(a) It wins the Pulitzer Prize for drama.
(b) It closes right after opening.
(c) It became a smash hit.
(d) The public pans the play.

5. What is the condition for Peter's getting the Stoneridge Homes project?
(a) Dominique must go alone with Wynand on a cruise.
(b) Peter must tell Francon he is using Dominique to get the job.
(c) Peter must hire Mallory to do some sculptures.
(d) Dominique must stay married to Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lois Cook's criteria for her new house?

2. What event prevents Peter from marrying Katie?

3. What motivates Dominique to accept Wynand's marriage proposal?

4. What brings about the downfall of Henry Cameron?

5. What is Peter's condition when he visits Katie and insists they marry the following day?

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