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Magazine and newspaper Photos of Buildings

Bring in pictures of buildings and put them up on the wall during the course of this study. Group the pictures according to whether they would be Peter's style or Roark's.

Design your House

Make an elevation [floor plan] of your dream house. Do you design it for function or for style?

Make a Poster on Individualism

Make a poster illustrating something you believe in doing your way (for example, fashion, music, hobbies).

Select a Jury

Pretend you have been accused of a "crime" like going into someone else's locker. Select a jury of six classmates to hear your case and state why you chose each one.

Hall of Heroes

Make a scrapbook of people who do their own thing (for example, John Glenn, Angelina Jolie, Elton John).

T-shirt Design

Create a T-shirt design with a slogan that shows your individuality.

Have a Debate

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