The Fountainhead Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Henry Cameron - Roark's role model and mentor who refuses to compromise his individualistic approach to architecture.

Lois Cook - A pseudo-intellectual journalist who claims to be an independent thinker.

Mike Donnigan - One of the working class contractors, he recognizes the quality of Roark's work and becomes his friend.

Dominique Francon - A troubled woman who loves Roark and believes she can save him by tearing him down.

Guy Francon - Owner of the most successful architecture firm in the city, he is locked into maintaining the classic styles though he does recognize Roark's genius.

Catherine Halsey - The scorned woman who becomes bitter and mean spirited after Keating rejects her for Dominique.

Austen Heller - The one newspaper columnist who supports Roark's work.

Peter Keating - He is a social manipulator who rises to the top in spite of a lack of talent that often leads him to...

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