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Joseph Ellis
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Short Answer Questions

1. At whose home was the dinner held?

2. Before the duel, how many years did the two men, Hamilton and Burr, have animosity between them?

3. Where was Alexander Hamilton born?

4. Burr was blocked by Hamilton in his quest to be come the American minister to what country?

5. What was an "interview at Weehawkan"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author differ from Lincoln's statement that America was founded on a proposition written by Jefferson in 1776?

2. What were some of Hamilton's claims against Burr? Describe in detail, and give instances where Hamilton speaks against Burr?

3. What is different about the generation of leaders and their methods of communicating and the present day methods?

4. Discuss Alexander Hamilton and how he reacted when someone did not agree with his opinions.

5. Why was it so important that Hamilton and Madison meet away from the public eye?

6. What roles did the seconds (Pendleton and Van Ness) have in the days before the duel? Describe how each one played out these roles, and how they handled their roles after the duel.

7. Describe what is known about the duel between Burr and Hamilton

8. Why did the duel between Burr and Hamilton effectively put a stop to dueling being accepted as a proper form of resolving arguments in the American Republic?

9. Why was this time--the decades immediately following America's independence from England--so vital?

10. Describe Thomas Jefferson's style of diplomacy.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the marriage and partnership between Abigail and John Adams. Are there any historic comparisons, i.e., Bill and Hillary Clinton or Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt? In your opinion, should a man of such power depend on the input of his wife for decisions?

Essay Topic 2

America fought a war of independence, created a constitution, and began its first twenty years as a country, all with George Washington at its head. When he publishes a letter to the American people who have loved and admired him for so long that he is retiring, how do you think they felt? What impact do you think this had on the shopkeepers, tradesmen and average people who were not intimately involved in politics?

Essay Topic 3

After reading the known statements of Alexander Hamilton, and his writings and actions before the duel, do you believe he meant to shoot Burr and kill him in the duel? Why or why not?

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