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Joseph Ellis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Washington's attitude towards America's involvement in European conflict?
(a) He did not address this problem at any point in his career.
(b) He recommended neutrality.
(c) He recommended America always take the side of the French.
(d) He recommended America always take the side of the English.

2. What was the House's vote on referring the petition to a committee?
(a) 50-1.
(b) 43 - 11.
(c) 50-50.
(d) 100-3.

3. Which states included a law in their state constitutions that made slavery illegal?
(a) Virginia and New Jersey.
(b) Vermont and New Hampshire.
(c) Texas and Alabama.
(d) Vermont and Maine.

4. What did Benjamin Franklin leave George Washington in his will?
(a) His newspaper.
(b) Over one million dollars.
(c) A crab-tree walking stick.
(d) A beloved dog.

5. In his Farewell Address and subsequent speeches to Congress before his retirement, what was George Washington's statement on slavery?
(a) He recommended it continue and increase.
(b) He recommended it be abolished.
(c) He was silent.
(d) He recommended the states determine it on their own.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two Representatives reacted first to this petition?

2. What was Washington's key military tactic in the Revolutionary War?

3. When did Washington write his Farewell Address?

4. Who was John Adams' closest friend and confidante?

5. What did Representative John Page say was the real threat of the petition?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Washington's retirement from public office so important to history?

2. Why were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at the top of everyone's list as possible replacements for Washington as President?

3. Where did the white men, whether pro and anti slavery, believe the slaves would go once they were freed?

4. Why was Adams distrustful of his own cabinet?

5. Describe Washington physically as well as the legend surrounding him.

6. Why was Jefferson so enamored with the French Revolution?

7. How did the individual states handle these issues when the Federal Government remained silent on the subject of slavery? Give examples.

8. Discuss in detail the reasons Washington decided to retire from public office.

9. Why did Washington turn away requests that he become a king of the new republic?

10. What was the main difference between the Jefferson/Adams friendship and the Jefferson/Madison friendship?

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