Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation Character Descriptions

Joseph Ellis
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John Adams

The first U.S. Vice President and second President

Thomas Jefferson

Primary author of the Declaration of Independence, the first U.S. Secretary of State and second Vice President.

George Washington

Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, President of the 1787 Constitutional Convention, and finally the first U.S. President under the Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin

Secured a military alliance that probably saved the American Revolution.

Alexander Hamilton

Known as the "little lion of Federalism".

Aaron Burr

Politician and military man who killed Alexander Hamilton in a famous duel.

Abigail Smith Adams

The wife of John Adams

John Quincy Adams

Sixth U.S. President

Samuel Adams

John Adams' second cousin

Benjamin Franklin Bache

The radical Republican publisher of Aurora

Abraham Baldwin

The congressman from Georgia, a veteran of the Constitutional Convention.

James Callender

The unscrupulous scandalmonger who revealed Hamilton's affair with Maria Reynolds

Elbridge Gerry

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