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1. Describe why Trevize is arrested in Chapter 1.

Trevize is conversing with Munn Li Compor. He believes that the Seldon Plan does not stop a Galactic crisis. He doubts the plan and equates the Mayor's decision to "thought control", which leads to Compor accusing him of treason and to his arrest.

2. How is Trevize proved guilty in Chapter 1?

Director of Security Liono Kodell obtains a recording of Trevize admitting that he believes in the Seldon Plan. However, off-camera, Trevize says that Seldon's analysis is too perfect.

3. What kind of violence does Trevize face for his crime in Chapter 1?

Trevize is escorted by a uniformed guard. However, there is no mob violence. Instead, he is imprisoned and waits to meet Branno.

4. Describe Branno and Trevize's confrontation in Chapter 2.

Branno knows Trevize is dangerously correct. Trevize restrains his anger, saying that the last Seldon appearance is too synchronized with reality to be authentic, given Seldon's failure to foresee the Mule. Branno and Seldon's nearly identical words suggest that some Second Foundationers have survived, rebuilt, recruited and resumed making pawns of the First Foundation.

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