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Earth / Gaia

This is the hypothetical place of origin of humanity and the carbon-based creatures from which humanity evolves in pre-hyperspatial times and the place that Trevize wants to find.

Far Star

This pocket-cruiser is assigned by Mayor Harla Branno to Councilman Golan Trevize and Professor Janov Pelorat for their expedition and has a hidden hyper-relay.

First Foundation / Foundation Federation

This organization is tasked with preserving knowledge of the physical sciences and advancing them, following the Seldon Plan.

Five Sisters

This constellation in local mythology symbolizes erotic love and inspires erotic poetry.


This is a Union of 86 planets located 10,000 parsecs from the capital of the Foundation Federation, is dominated by religious conservatives and is rife with legends and observances.

Second Empire

This is the goal of the Seldon Plan, the brainchild of Hari Seldon, to occur after a 1,000-year Interregnum following the fall of the First Galactic...

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