Foundation's Edge Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Golan Trevize - This is the protagonist who is 32-years old, brash, black-haired, is arrested for treason, questions a popular plan, and later goes in search of Earth.

Stor Gendibal - This character is a rising young intellect in the Second Foundation hierarchy and the youngest Speaker in Trantor's history who is puny, restless and likes to jog.

Harla Branno - This character is the 62-year-old, gray-haired and hard-driving Mayor of Terminus, nicknamed The Bronze for acting with metallic rigor, who has a knack for persuading voters.

Blissenobiarella (Bliss) - This character is alluring, 23-years old, captures a spacecraft with mind control, is considered a humanoid robot, and gets involved with another character.

Leonis Cheng - This character is a small-statured Speaker with an encyclopedic knowledge of the minutiae of the guiding popular plan and myopic attitude toward the actual Galaxy.

Munn Li Compor - This character...

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