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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee give to Hardin during his meeting with Sermak?

2. Too many of what thing could cause problems for The Plan?

3. Who else on Askone does Ponyets sell a nuclear device to?

4. Who is at the helm of the ship that is sent to attack Terminus?

5. What does Ponyet sell to the nobleman on Askone?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Hardin and Lee's differing views on how to handle his trip to Anacreon for the coronation of Leopold?

2. How does Ponyets gain access to seeing Gorov in prison?

3. How did Hardin save Terminus from being taken over by planets like Anacreon?

4. What does Gorov think will be his best chance for being released from prison on Askone?

5. What does Wienis inform Leopold he plans to do about the Foundation?

6. Why does Sermak want Hardin to step down as leader of Terminus?

7. How does Hardin plan to use the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Foundation to his advantage?

8. What was Ponyets really after on Askone?

9. How does the priest Theo Aporat gain power of the Anacreon ship on its way to destroy Terminus?

10. How does Wienis die?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how Asimov uses tone to change and enhance the pace of the narrative path of the story.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the role of Salvor Hardin in the novel and compare him to the other main characters of Seldon, Ponyets and Mallow. What did each man have in common? What were their striking differences?

Essay Topic 3

If the religion provided by the Foundation is based on false belief in the mysticism of what is actually science, then what statement is the novel making about religion?

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