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Lesson 1 (from The Psychohistorians)


The Psychohistorians

The first part of the novel starts with a tone purposely at odds with the remainder of the novel. This lesson focuses on how Asimov uses narrative tone to indicate great changes that will happen in the story.


1. Discuss as a class how the opening chapters are fast paced. What are examples of action-centered language? How is there a sense that something is going on that Gaal is unaware of? How does Asimov create this atmosphere? What other type of writing is this part of the novel similar to?

2. Break into small groups to chart the tone and determine when it changes. The chapter starts with Gaal traveling to Trantor by spaceship. What is the tone of this section? When he gets to the airport, someone follows him to his hotel. How does this intensify the tone? Then, Gaal goes to the top...

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