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Essay Topic 1

Discuss how Asimov uses tone to change and enhance the pace of the narrative path of the story.

Essay Topic 2

If the religion provided by the Foundation is based on false belief in the mysticism of what is actually science, then what statement is the novel making about religion?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the allegorical implications of Foundation, both to the past and in the present.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss psychohistory for both its importance to the plot and its broader thematic implications.

Essay Topic 5

Discuss the role of Salvor Hardin in the novel and compare him to the other main characters of Seldon, Ponyets and Mallow. What did each man have in common? What were their striking differences?

Essay Topic 6

Discuss the political evolution from psychohistorians to merchant princes. What are the implications and consequences of a politicized society?

Essay Topic 7

Discuss the theme of humanity in...

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