Foundation Character Descriptions

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Salvor Hardin

This character becomes mayor at age 31.

Hober Mallow

This character is put on trial for the murder of a priest.

Limar Ponyets

This character builds a transmuter that changes iron to gold.

Hari Seldon

This character is given a choice between execution and banishment upon Terminus.


This character tries to destroy the Foundation with a nuclear ship.


This character is the closest adviser to the Grandmaster on the planet of Askone.

Jaim Twer

This character is hired to keep a close eye on the character who is put on trail for the murder of a priest.

Jorane Sutt

This character is leader of the Foundation.

Gaal Dornick

This character is used to get a trial, and encourage the emperor to exile the scientific community to Terminus.

Yohan Lee

This character helps to overthrow the Encyclopedists.

Prince Lefkov

This character is the leader of the...

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