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The Psychohistorians

• Gaal Dornick is a mathematician heading to the planet Trantor to work on the Seldon Project.

• He is an unsophisticated country boy.
• In Trantor, Gaal stays at the Luxor hotel. At the hotel, he takes a ride to the observation tower where all he can see are metal towers in all directions.

• When he gets back to his room, Hari Seldon is waiting for him.
• Seldon is a psychohistorian who has predicted that disaster will destroy the empire in 300 years.

• He has an elaborate formula that he uses to make this prediction.
• Gaal does not get to start work on the Seldon Project because he is put into detention by the commission on public safety.

• Seldon hires a lawyer for Gaal, and from him Gaal learns that the Empire can hear all conversations.
• Gaal and Seldon are put on trial for treason and sentenced to exile...

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