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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many Trading planets are united by their distrust of the Foundation?
(a) 25.
(b) 27.
(c) 21.
(d) 17.

2. When Mis arrives at Indbur's garden to tell him about the discovery of Seldon's next visit, what is he wearing?
(a) A leather cape.
(b) A fur jacket.
(c) A tan sweater.
(d) A disreputable cloak.

3. Randu admits that the Traders had planned a civil war, but gave up when?
(a) When the Mule captured some Traders.
(b) When Indbur took control of the Foundation.
(c) When the Mule appeared on the scene.
(d) When one of their kind was captured by the Empire.

4. What event led to many deaths on Trantor, but included an arrangement that the university would remain free?
(a) The Sack.
(b) The Capture.
(c) The Fall.
(d) The Take-Over.

5. What do Bayta and Toran trade for food while they are in the library?
(a) Money.
(b) Services of the clown as entertainment.
(c) Scrap metal.
(d) Gadgets from the ship.

6. The Mule has a technological gadget at his disposal that does what?
(a) Makes all weapons short out.
(b) Stops all watches and cars.
(c) Gives his forces personal force fields.
(d) Amplifies his emotions.

7. What does the clown learn to use at the library so he can read?
(a) A book reader.
(b) A book projector.
(c) A text scanner.
(d) A computer.

8. What instrument does the clown play while in Mis' home?
(a) Visor-Magno.
(b) Visor-Piano.
(c) Visor-Sonor.
(d) Visor-Organ.

9. While Bayta was working at the factory, where was Toran?
(a) Finding the Second Foundation.
(b) On military maneuvers.
(c) Finding the Mule.
(d) With the underground.

10. What is Pritcher holding under his tongue when he sneaks into the palace that was once occupied by Indbur?
(a) A recording device.
(b) A nuclear bomb.
(c) A thought-sensing device.
(d) A bomb.

11. The captain tries to detain Toran by having him come on board to fix what?
(a) Their power plant.
(b) Their space drive.
(c) The shields.
(d) The weapons.

12. When Indbur's planet falls, who is left for the Mule to take over?
(a) The Second Foundation.
(b) The Traders.
(c) The Empire.
(d) Kalgan.

13. Senter invited the four into his home and offered them what?
(a) Drinks.
(b) Rest.
(c) Cigars.
(d) Alcohol.

14. Seldon says, in his appearance, that the current crisis involves what?
(a) The survival of the Foundation.
(b) The revolt of the Traders.
(c) The war against the Empire.
(d) The war against the Mule.

15. Who is going to try and figure out the Mule's weakness?
(a) Bayta.
(b) Toran.
(c) Mis.
(d) Randu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mis tells Indbur that he knows the time of the next appearance of Seldon, and it is how many months away?

2. What does Toran tell the captain of the ship they are going to Trantor for?

3. How is the clown described?

4. What commodity does Kalgan have that Haven II does not?

5. When Pritcher meets Bayta and Toran at the library, how long has the Mules' reign lasted?

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